Elaine's Pokemon

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  1. You will travel through the ___ of Pokemon! How many Pokemon will you ___?
    • You will travel through the world of Pokemon!
    • How many Pokemon will you capture?
  2. demonstrate
    • v. to show (演示, 表明, 证明)
    • He demonstrated her skill as a gymnast.
  3. perceive
    • v. Become aware of (something)
    • The rabbit perceived the threat and ran away.
  4. What are the charicteristics of grasslands?
    flat, a lot of grass, small trees, bushes and mosses.
  5. What are bromeliads?
    They are plants that collect pools of water in their leaves.
  6. What do you call frog's larva?
  7. What is camouflage?
    Animals blend into their surrondings with their color.
  8. rodents
    Mammals of the order Rodentia, such as a mouse, rat, squirrel, or beaver.
  9. elaborate
    Do or make things with great efforts.
  10. construct
    v. to built, create, put parts together.
  11. What is a maze?
    A network of paths like a puzzle through which one has to find a way
  12. friend and foe
    Friend and enemy
  13. provide
    v. to supply, to make available
  14. The mother Ostrich has to ____ her young Orstriches.
    A. relase
    B. defend
    C. beat
    D. provide
    • B. defend
    • The mother Ostrich has to defend her young Orstriches.
  15. maintain
    v. Keep (something) as it is.
  16. deceive and deceiving
    Make someone believe something that is not true.
  17. A ranch
    A large farm where cattle or other animals are bred
  18. extended family
    A family group that also includes relatives such as uncle, cousin and grandmother.
  19. What does hippopotamus mean?
    Water horse.
  20. extinct
    disappear forever, cease to exist
  21. release
    to let go, to set free
  22. roam
    To move about without purpose or plan; to wander around
  23. sprint
    v. to run or go at top speed; to dash
  24. stride
    To walk with long steps; big steps
  25. The mother Ostrich has to ____ its eggs.
    A. Eat
    B. Guard
    C. Dash
    D Provide
    • B. Guard.
    • The mother Ostrich has to guard its eggs.
  26. attempt
    to try
  27. Male emus and rheas are ____ fathers.
    A. devoted
    B. extinct
    C. available
    D. perceived
    • devoted
    • Male emus and rheas are devoted fathers.
  28. Cheetahs have long legs and a ___ body.
    A. construct
    B. elaborate
    C. rodent
    D. lean
    • lean
    • Cheetahs have long legs and a lean body.
  29. Ostriches live in ___.
    A. school
    B. family
    C. flocks
    D. construct
    • C. flocks
    • Ostriches live in flocks.
  30. Cheehtas' spines act as ____ .
    A. springs
    B. summer
    C. creek
    D. jump
    • A. spings
    • Cheehtas' spines act as springs.
  31. propel
    v. drive, push, cause to move forward
  32. Hyenas will ____ other hyenas of food by whooping.
    A. tell
    B. stride
    C. alert
    D. attempt
    • C alert
    • Hyenas will alert other hyenas of food by whooping.
  33. alert
    v. Warn (someone) of a danger, threat, or problem.
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