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  1. Is wine good for you ?
    Yes is moderation. Some links to breast CA.
  2. Who determines nutrtional policy ?
  3. How frequently are guidlines updated ?
    Q 5years
  4. When is the next Guidelines do ?
  5. What group is not covered by the Guidelines ?
    Children less than 2 yrs of age .
  6. what are 2 focuses of dietary guidelines ?
    deficency and obesity HTN type 2 dm
  7. what is RDA
    RDA is the average daily nutrient requirement for healthy individuals
  8. DRI dietary reference index
    set of nutrition reference values for USA and Canada for healthy people
  9. nutrients are ?
    chemicals found in foods crtical for human growth
  10. Macro nutrients
    carbs fats proteins
  11. Six groups of essentila nutrients
    carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals and water
  12. K cal
    the amount of energy to raise 1 Kg of water 1 degree centigrade
  13. carbs calories
    4 kcal per gram
  14. fat calories
    9 kcal per gm
  15. properties of minerals
    no carbon not broken down by digestion not broken down by heat or light
  16. daily need of major minerals
    100 mg per day chem 20 items
  17. minor minerals need
    less than 100 mg a day iron copper zinc
  18. estimated average requirement
    the amount of nutrient intake of half the healthy individuals particular to lifestyle and age group
  19. Does DRI include RDA
  20. Risk model
    decrease fat salt sugar increase activity
  21. healthful diet
    provides combo 4 characterisitics energy adequate moderate and balanced
  22. adequate diet
    energy nutrients fiber to maintain health
  23. adequate intake
    value of recomended daily nutrients
  24. tolerable upper limit
    highest average without health effects
  25. estimated energy requirement
    amt of kcal for energy and health increased activity increased EER decreased activity decreased EER
  26. aceptable macronutrient distribution range AMDR
    fat 20 -35 protein 10-35 carbs 45-65
  27. serving size importance
    serving size is based the amount that people typically eat
  28. how many calories is low calories
  29. how much is low sodium
    140 mg or less
  30. how difficult food labeling low fat low NA
    very not well defined
  31. why are guidelines important
    increasing rates of illness and obesity
  32. benefits over plate vs pyramid
    plate is simple illustration
  33. over feed undernourished
    increased calorie nutrient poor
  34. enviga energy drink healthy
    not misleading
  35. RD vs DTR
    reg dietician hospital food expert diet tech reg works with dietician schools prisons
  36. healthful diet
    health and wellness directly related to diet decreased nutrients diseases and obesity HTN
  37. adequate diet
    provides energy nutrients fiber to maintain diet
  38. adequate intake
    value of recommended daily nutrients
  39. tolerable upper limits
    highest average intake without health risks
  40. estimated energy requirements
    the amount of Kcal intake for health and energy decreased activity decrease requirement and increased activity increaesed requirment
  41. acceptable macronutrient distribution range AMDR
    fat 20 35 protein 10 35 carbs 45-65
  42. why is important to note serving size
    this the amount that people typically eat
  43. how many calories is considered low fat
    less than 3 gm of fat per serving
  44. low sodium
    less than 140 mg per serving
  45. why are guidelines important
    increasing rates of obesity and illness
  46. plate vs pyramid
    better visual same content
  47. overfed nutrient poor
    high cal low nutrient foods
  48. enviga and such
    false manafacture research
  49. RD vs DTR
    reg schooling food expert vs tech helper in schools prisons
  50. healthful diet
    health related to diet poor diet poor health
  51. healthy people 2020
    decreased obesity decrease food insecurity on site md to monitor at work decrease fats sugar kids
  52. american dietetic association
    science based trustworthy worlds largest food pros comitted to nations health
  53. harmful effects on health
    monetary lose weight more energy
  54. foods to be avoided in imunocomp persons older adults kids and pregnant
    raw under cooked
  55. food borne illness s/s
    n/v diarhea onset 1-6 hr to days fever abd pain
  56. temp danger range
    40 - 135
  57. raw meats fridge
    ground beef 1-2 days poultry 1-2 days 3-5 on steaks and chops
  58. ETOH
    liver failure
  59. DASH
    dietary approach for HTN less sodiumm watch for hidden sources
  60. health promotion cancer patients
    variety balanced diet +/- weight watch for food aversion decreased saliva
  61. digestion trigger
    hypothalymus triggers hunger stomach strecth tell hypothalymus you are full
  62. digestion
    food to componet chemicals
  63. absorption
    uptake in small intestine
  64. GI tract
    top to bottom
  65. mouth
    mechanical breakage salivary amylsae
  66. chyme
    digested food
  67. stomach to etc
    duodenum jejunum small illeum
  68. small intestine linning
    villi micro villi
  69. ileocecal valve seperates
    large and small intestine
  70. bacteria of large intestine
    breaks down remainders
  71. enteric nerves do
    regulate digetive tract
  72. probiotics
    yogurt and such
  73. gi tract problems
    diarhea H pylori IBS heartburn gerd excema
  74. common food allergens
    eggs nuts fish shellfish milk
  75. celiac disease
    inflamation of small intestine fatty stools gluten
  76. constipation
    no bm for 2 days
  77. IBS and pecentage
    abd pain post po intake 20 % of americans
  78. gastrin
    stomach gastric glands HCL
  79. secretin
    duodenum and gall bladder
  80. cholecystokinin
    duodenum and gallbladder
  81. motilin
    myoelectric cells complex stim moltility
  82. other intake digestive problems
    dentation mouthsores liver failure
  83. anabolic vs catabolic
    build vs destroy
  84. food cal vs K cal
    1 cal = 1000kcals
  85. metabolism
    sum of chemical breakdowns and build ups
  86. metabolites
    intermidiate products of metabolism
  87. type 2 diabetes and ethnics
    indian african mexican white
  88. lactose intoerance
    missing lactase asian african americans decreased VIT A and calcium
  89. constipation fix
    water and fibere
  90. diarhea and causes
    3 x day loose watery stools causes celiac IBS dehydration
  91. IBS cause
    seritonin brain an gi tract
  92. GERD
    realxed cardiac sphincter heartburn greater than 2 x a week
  93. IBS
    chrons decreased dairy and gassy foods UC keep diary
  94. PUD
    peptic ulcer disease H pylori ETOH and NSAIDS PPI 1-3 before bed
  95. name 6 macronutrients
    carbs fats proteins vit minerals water
  96. proteins are
    long chain amino acids
  97. essential amino acids complete protiens
    need to consume essentials body can make nons
  98. name sources of complete carry all 9 essential AA
    egg whites beef poultry fish dairy and soy beans
  99. protein malnutrion and problems
    marasmus catabolic state increased neg nitrogen wt loss
  100. protein needs body builders vs runners
    runners need more for bursts of energy
  101. deamination vs transamination
    adding a nitrogen or removing nitrogen liver bun
  102. protien needs
    0.8 kg day americans 2 x that
  103. Amino acids amt
    9 hillmpttv
  104. building blocks of proteins
    amino acids peptide bonds
  105. protein synthesis
    blood stream pool aminoacids join ribosome dna tell what protein to be
  106. enzymes
    catalysts bind enzymes
  107. protien digestion
    digestion in stomach HCL denature proteasis breaks them in small intestine
  108. protein absorption
    hcl pepsin active transport to small intestines
  109. nitrogen balance
    16 % of protein =nitrogen excreted as urea
  110. fat synthesis
    excess dietary protein glyceride = triglyceride
  111. high protein diet pitfall
    cad tryglycerides
  112. complex carbs
    long chain glucose starches fiber
  113. simple sugars
    simple carbs glucose fructose
  114. refined carbs
    white rice white breads
  115. glucose perfred brain fuel
    brain likes it simple to use
  116. nutrient dense carbs
    fruits grains veggies
  117. low carb intake causes
    ketosis fat breakdown
  118. carbohydrate chemically
    hydrated carbon CHO
  119. fatty acids chem
  120. essential fatty acids are needed for and sources
    blood clotting svr veggies and veggie oils
  121. triglyceride char
    3 fatty acids 3 carbonglycerol
  122. fatty acids
    long chains carbons atoms
  123. phospholipids
    phosphate attached water soluble
  124. cholesterol
    multiple ring structure increased in sat foods
  125. lipoprotein
    sphere fat clusters
  126. fatty acid deffincency
    skin and hair nails
  127. omega 3 omega 6 source
    3 in fish 6 in nuts
  128. transfat vs sat fat
    sat fat increased CAD transfat more so
  129. golden rice
    betacarotine added vit a genetic mod
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