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  1. What is Domain I?
    Designing Instruction and Assessment to Promote Student Learning.
  2. PPR Standard I
    The teacher designs instruction appropriate for all students that reflects and understanding of relevant content and is based on continuious and appropriate assessment.
  3. What does Competency I state?
    The teacher understands human developmental processes and applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing assessment that motivate students and are responsive to their developmental characteristics and needs.
  4. How much of the test covers Domain I?
    approximately 31% of the test is over Domain I
  5. What are some "Theories of Growth and Development"?
    • 1) Piaget's Stage Theory of Cognitive Development
    • 2) Informational Processing Theories of Cognitive Development
    • 3) Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory of Cognitive Development
  6. Definition
    refers to systematic, lasting changes that take place over the course of the human life span
  7. Definition
    Development that takes place as a result of both internally determined genetic change and the interaction of the individual with the environment (or extarnal influences).
  8. Definition
    Physical Development:
    changes in the human body

    1) depend largely to genetics

    • 2) Environmental influences that can effect:
    • a) nutrition
    • b) exposure to certan chemcials
  9. Definition
    Social Development:
    occurs as humans interact with each other

    • 1) Inherent personality traits may influence these interactions
    • 2) Environment seems to be an important factor
  10. Definition
    Cognitive Development:
    mental process
  11. Developmental changes are:
    • 1) continous
    • 2) gradual
    • 3) have periods of rapid physical growth
  12. Piaget's Stage Theory of Cognitive Development key words are:
    • 1) schema (schemata)
    • a) Assimilation
    • b) Accomodation
    • c) Adaptation
    • 2) Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
    • 3) Stages of cognitive development
    • a) sensorimotor
    • b) preoperational
    • c) concrete operational
    • d) formal operational
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