Physics Exam 3

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  1. Damping
    the tendency of a vibrating object to lose or to dissipate its energy over time
  2. the time to complete one cycle of vibration is NOT change when dealing with periodic motion:
    it takes as much time for the object to complete its first cycle as it does to complete its sixth cycle)
  3. period
    the time it takes for an object to complete one full cycle (units = seconds)

    period of middle C: .0038 s
  4. amplitude
    the maximum displacement of a mass above (or below) its resting position
  5. give an expample of how an object in periodic motion can have a high SPEED but LOW frequency:
    the periodic motion of the moon in orbit about the earth: the moon moves very fast (speed of about 100 m/s); its orbit is highly infrequent (makes a complete cycle about earth once every 27.3 days (a period of about 2.4 x 10^5 seconds) - that's infrequent).
  6. an object with a ____ frequency has a ___ period:
    • an object with a high frequency has a low period: frequency and period are INVERSELY related to each other; frequency is the reciprocal of period and period is the reciprocal of frequency
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