Holocaust Vocabulary

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  1. Anti-Semitism
    Hostility to jew as indeviduals, to judaism as a religion, to the jewish people as a group.
  2. Aryan
    A non-jewish, Nordic-type Caucasian, in Nazi terminology, descended from a mythical, superior race.
  3. Auschwitz
    Largest and most notorius death camp.
  4. Cattle car
    Vehicle for the transportation of animals used for the transportation of jews during the Holocaust.
  5. Cincentration camp
    Place where political dissidents, members of minority groups, etc. Were confined. Camps ussually consisted of multiple buildings (barracks, offices, gas chambers, etc.) enclosed behind fences.
  6. Crematorium
    A furnace used to burn dead bodies after they were gassed.
  7. Death Camp
    Extermination center built by the Nazis.
  8. Deportation
    The act of expelling someone from his/her country.
  9. Displaced Person
    A person with no home to return to.
  10. Eichmann, Karl
    Nazi official in charge of orginizing and implementing the final solution.
  11. Final Solution
    Term the Nazis used to mean the extermanation of jews.
  12. Gas Chamber
    A room where ventilation is sealed so that the gas can be used to suffocate people to death.
  13. Genocide
    The deliberate and systematic detsruction of a racial, political,cultural, or religious group.
  14. Gestapo
    Nazi secret police.
  15. Ghetto
    A section of a city in which the jews were required to live during the Holocaust.
  16. Goebbels, Joseph
    Nazi minister of propaganda.
  17. Holocaust
    Systamatic extermanation of six million European jews during W.W.II. many non-jews also perished.
  18. Kabbalah
    Jewish mystical tradition.
  19. Kaddish
    A prayer of mourning.
  20. Krystalnacht
    November 9, 1939. 7500 jewish shop windows were broken, most German synagogues were burned, and 20,000 jews were shipped to concentration camps.
  21. Liquidation
    The act of getting rid of.
  22. Mein Kamp
    The book in which Hitler clearly detials his plans to carry out his final solution.
  23. Nazi
    Member of the German Fascist party founded in 1919 and abolished in 1945. Main principles were racism, rearmament, nationalism, and aggression.
  24. Nuremberg Laws
    Nazi laws that denied jews their basic human rights, including citizenship. These laws also began the process of defining who was considered Jewish under the law.
  25. Occupy
    To take possession of by settlment or by military force.
  26. Phylactery
    Small leather case holding scripts inscribed with scripture.
  27. Shavout
    A spring-time Jewish holiday.
  28. S.S.
    Nazi officers who preformed the central tasks of the final solution.
  29. Talmud
    Important Judiac text pertaining to Jewish laws, ethnics, customs, and history.
  30. Third Reich
    The term applied to national socialist Nazi Germany.
  31. Torah
    The most holy of the sacred writings in Judaism.
  32. Totalitarianism
    A government or docterine in which the party in power maintains complete control of the government and makes all other parties illegal.
  33. Zionism
    The movement for the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish people.
  34. Zohar
    Kabbalistic works.
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