Alterations Cardiovascular

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  1. CHF
    probems with blood flowing THROUGH the heart
  2. CAD
    problems with blood flowing TO the heart
  3. Blood flowing through the heart A&P Review
    • The heart has four separate compartments or chambers. The upper chamber on each side of the heart, which is called an atrium, receives and collects the blood coming to the heart. The atrium then delivers blood to the powerful lower chamber, called a ventricle, which pumps blood away from the heart through powerful, rhythmic contractions.The human heart is actually two pumps in one. The right side receives oxygen-poor blood from the various regions of the body and delivers it to the lungs. In the lungs, oxygen is absorbed in the blood. The left side of the heartreceives the oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and delivers it to the rest of the body.
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  4. Lifespan considerations
    • Fetal Circulation
    • foraman ovale: bypasses the lungs; opening between left and right atrium
    • ductus arteriosus: bypasses the lungs; blood vessel between pulmonary artery and aorta
    • both closes normally by 10-12 hours after birth
  5. Cardiac history
    assessment includes: Non-modifiable risk factors, modifiable risk factors, functional history personal/family history, Socioeconomic status (SES)
  6. Non-Modifiable Risk Factors
    • includes Age, Race, and Gender
    • age: as we grow older, our heart grows older and gets tired of beating
    • gender: women do not usually have any heart disease until after menopause; it is believed that estrogen plays a protective mechanism in heart disease
    • race: African-Americans have a higher incidence of CAD
  7. Modifiable Risk factors
    • smoking cessation
    • lose weight
    • diet
    • exercise
  8. Functional history
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