GRE Vocab 8

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  1. Articulate
    adj. clear, distinct; expressed with clarity; skillful with words
  2. Connotative
    adj. containing associated meanings in addition to the primary one
  3. Crass
    adj. stupid, unrefined; gross
  4. Disingenuous
    adj. not frank or candid; decievingly imple (opposite: ingenuous)
  5. Incisive
    adj. getting to the heart of things; to the point
  6. Perfunctory
    adj. done in a routine, mechanical way, without interest
  7. Specious
    adj. plausible, bu tdeceptive; apparently, but not actually true
  8. Tractable
    adj. easily managed (opposite: intractable)
  9. Ascetic
    adj. rigorously abstinent
  10. Disinterested
    adj. neutral; unbiased (alternat meaning: uninterested)
  11. Incredulous
    adj. skeptical
  12. Petulant
    adj. peevish; cranky; rude
  13. Spurious
    adj. not genuine, false; bogus
  14. Truculent
    adj. fierce, savage, cruel
  15. Assiduous
    adj. carefully attentive; industrious
  16. Contentious
    adj. quarrelsome
  17. Disparate
    adj. unequal, dissimilar; different
  18. Indigenous
    adj. native to a region; inborn or innate
  19. Irascible
    adj. prone to anger
  20. Astringent
    adj. causing contraction; tightening; stern, austere
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