Respiratory system chapter 13

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  1. what are bronchial breath sounds?
    • they are loud, high-pitched next to trachea.
    • longer on exhalation
  2. what are the bronchiovescular breath sounds?
    • -they are midium loudness and medium pitch
    • -equal exhalation and inhalation
    • -found on the sternal border between scapula
  3. what are the vescular breath sounds?
    • soft and low-pitched
    • located in the remainder of lungs
    • longer on inhalation
  4. where do you auscultate the bronchial sounds?
    Vertebral line at C7 and move down to T3
  5. where do you auscultate bronchovesicular sounds?
    the right and Left primary bronchi are located at T3 and and T5
  6. where do you auscultate the vesicular sounds?
    start at the apices and move to the bases of the lungs and laterally to the midaxillary line.
  7. Auscultation of the diminshed breath sounds indicate????
    emphysema, atelectasis, bronchospasm, or shallow breathing.
  8. Breath sounds heard in only on lung indicates
    pleural effusion,pneumothorax, tumor, or mucous plugs in the airways in the other lung.
  9. Finding bronchial or bronchovescular sounds in ares where one would normally hear vescular sounds indicates
    aleveoli and small bronchioles are affected by fluid or exudate. fluid decreases the movement of air through small airways and result in loss of vesicular sounds.
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Respiratory system chapter 13

Respiratory system chapter 13
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