GRE Vocab 9

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  1. Articulate
    v. to utter clearly and distinctly
  2. Constrain
    v. to force, compel; to restrain
  3. Depreciate
    v. to express disapproval of; to protest against
  4. Engender
    v. to bring about; beget; to bring forth
  5. Extrapolate
    v. to estimate the value of something beyond the scale; to infer what i unknown from something known
  6. Inept
    adj. incompetent; clumsy
  7. Pristine
    adj. primitive, pure, uncorrupted
  8. Aseptic
    adj. germ free
  9. Contravene
    v. to act contrry to; t oppose or contradict
  10. Putrefy
    v. to decompose; to rot
  11. Squalid
    adj. filthy; wretched (from squalor)
  12. Assuage
    v. to relieve; ease; make less severe
  13. Maculate
    v. to stain, spot, defile
  14. Astringent
    adj. cusing contraction; tightening; stern, austere
  15. Contiguous
    adj. touching; or adjoining and close, but not touching
  16. Dissonant
    adj. not in harmony; in disagreement
  17. Atrophy
    v. to waste away, as from lack o fuse; to wither
  18. Converge
    v. to move toward one point (opposite: diverge)
  19. Assuage
    v. to relieve; ease; make less severe
  20. Dissemble
    v. to pretend; to feign; to conceal by pretense
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