Getting Out

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  1. Way #1
    A fielder catches your fair or foul ball before it touches the ground
  2. Way #2
    You hit a foul tip (a ball caught by the catcher off your bat) for strike three
  3. Way #3
    After hitting the ball, you or first base is tagged before you touch the base
  4. Way #4
    The umpire calls three strikes during your at-bat
  5. Way #5
    A ball that you hit fair hits your bat a second time while you are in fair territory
  6. Way #6
    While running outside the foul lines, you obstruct a fielder's throw
  7. Way #7
    You hit the ball with one or both feet outside the batter's box or step from one batter's box to another while the pitcher winds up
  8. Way #8
    You obstruct the catcher from fielding or throwing
  9. Way #9
    You run into your own fairly-batted ball while running from home to first base
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