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  1. An ester is the product of the reaction between a _______ ________ and an ________?
    • alkanoic acid
    • alkanol
  2. What is the functional group in the esters?
    The ester or 'COO' link Image Upload 1
  3. How is an ester detected?
    • By a distinctive smell
    • It forms an oily layer on water
  4. What are esters used for?
    Food flavourings, solvents and perfumes
  5. Since two reactants join up with the elimination of water, the making of an ester is an example of a ________ reaction?
  6. What is another name (apart from condensation) for the reaction that makes an ester?
  7. Name this ester:
    Image Upload 2
    methyl ethanoate
  8. Name this ester:
    Image Upload 3
    propyl butanoate
  9. What made up this ester?
    Image Upload 4
    ethanol and propanoic acid
  10. What made up this ester?
    Image Upload 5
    Methanol and pentanoic acid
  11. When an ester is heated with ____ it begins to break down into a carboxylic acid and alcohol?
  12. The breaking down reaction of an ester with water is called ______ and is the exact opposite of condensation?
  13. How can the speed of a hydrolysis reaction by increased?
    By using H+ or OH- ions
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