cultural diversity

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  1. Primary dimensions of diversity(7)

    These shape your view of others
    basic characteristics that are inborn and/or greatly affect how you are socialized.

    they shape your self-image

    your view of others

    how others perceive you
  2. deminsions of diversity(7)
    • 1. age
    • number of years you have been alive

    the generation in which you were born

    2. race

    • biological groupings witrhin humankind
    • representing:
    • superficial physical differences(eye, skin color)

    3. Ethnicity

    • identification with a cultural group that has shared traditions and heritage:
    • national origin-(florida cracker)
    • language
    • religion
    • food
    • customs

    some people identify strongly with these cultural roots while other do not

    4. gender

    biological sex as determined by chromosomes

    5. physical abilities

    • a variety of characteristics:
    • body type
    • physical size
    • facial features
    • specific abilities/disabilities

    6. sexual orientation

    • feelings of sexual attractrion toward members of the same or opposite sex:
    • as heterosexual, gay/lesbian, or bisexual
  3. Secondary dimensions of diversity
    characteristics that you acquire and can modify throughout your life

    they may not have the same effect as primary dimensions

    they represent other significant experiences that define who we are and how we see others
  4. second dimensions of diversity (9)
    1. education

    formal and informal education that the individual has received

    2. work background

    the employment and volunteer positions that the individual has held

    3. power/suthority

    possession of control or influence over others

    4. income

    economic conditions in which the indivudual grew up and current economic status

    5. marital status

    never married, married, diviorced, separated, or widowed

    6. military experience

    service in the military

    7. religious beliefs

    fundamental teachings and the internalised experiences from formal or informal religious practices

    8. geographic location

    location in which an individual was raised or spent a significant part of his or her life,including types of communities, urban areas vs rural areas

    9. parental status

    • having or not having children and the circumstances in which children are raised:
    • single parenting
    • 2-adults parenting
    • step-parenting
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