Gross anatomy A+I foot

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  1. Name the muscles inverated by the Lateral plantar nerve? what are the nerve roots?
    • Dorsal Interossei
    • Plantar Interossei
    • Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis
    • Adductor Hallucis
    • Quadratus Plante
    • Lumbricals Second through fifth
    • Abductor Digiti Minimi

    Nerve Roots: S2-3
  2. Name the muscle innervated by the medial plantar nerve and there nerve roots?
    • Flexor Hallucis
    • BrevisAbductor Hallucis
    • 1st Lumbricals
    • Flexor Digitorum brevis

    Nerve Roots: S2-3
  3. Name the abductors of the toes?
    • Abducts toes
    • Dorsal Interossei
    • Abductor Digiti minimi (bid toe)
    • Abductor Hallucis (big toe)
  4. Name the adductors of the toes?
    • Adducts toes
    • Plantar interossei
    • Adductor Hallucis (big toe)
  5. Name the flexors of the of proximal phalanges?
    • Flexion of proximal phalanges
    • Plantar interossei
    • Dorsal Interossei
    • Flexor digitorum Brevis
    • Flexor digiti Minimi Brevis (Flexion of
    • PIP of fifth toe)
  6. Name the MTP flexors?
    • Flexion of the MTP
    • Flexor Hallucis (big toe)
    • Abductor digit minimi (fifth toe)
    • Abductor Hallucis
  7. Name the flecors of the terminal phalanges?
    Flexion of terminal phalanges

    • Quadratus plante (second through fifth toe)
    • Lumbricals (second through fifth toe)

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Gross anatomy A+I foot
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Gross anatomy foot

Gross anatomy A+I foot
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