AP 1 (11- 1)

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  1. The Central Nervous System (CNS) includes what?
    • Brain
    • Spinal cord
  2. What are Sensory receptors?
    detectors of body conditions
  3. What are ganglia?
    groups of neuron cell bodies
  4. What are nerves?
    bundles of axons in the PNS
  5. What are the functions of the nervous system?
    • Sensory
    • Motor
    • Intergrative
  6. What is the functions of Sensory neurons?
    To detect or sense changes in both internal and external invornments.
  7. The intergrative function of the nervous system is responsible for what?
    • combining (= integration) of sensory information.
    • involves a decision about what all incoming sensory information means and signaling a response to it.
  8. What are the functions of motor neurons?
    To change a condition of the body by signaling a change to an effector organ.
  9. Cranial and spinal nerves contain _____ and _____.
    • Sensory (= afferent) neuron axons
    • Motor (= efferent) neuron axons
  10. Describe the location and function of the Sensory (= afferent) neuron axons.
    • connected at distal end to a sensory receptor.
    • transmit nerve impulses toward or into the CNS from the sensory receptor.
  11. Describe the location and function of Motor (= efferent) neuron axons.
    transmit nerve impulses out of (exit) the CNS to effector organs (gland and muscle cells).
  12. Describe the location and function of Somatic motor neurons.
    • connect to skeletal muscle cells.
    • control voluntary = conscious activities
  13. What are the functions of the visceral motor neurons?
    control involuntary = subconscious activities
  14. The autonomic nervous system includes what type of neurons?
    Visceral motor neurons.
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