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  1. hypnosis
    a practitioner suggests changes of a subject (thoughts, behaviors)
  2. hypnotic responces depend more on ________ of the person being hypnotized then the skill of the hypnotist
    efforts and qualities
  3. hypnotized people cannot be :
    forced to do things against their will
  4. hypnosis _________ increase accuracy of memory
    does not, may increase amount, but also increases number of errors
  5. hypnosis does not produce:
    litereal reexperiencing of long ago events, they are just willing to play the role
  6. hypnotic suggestions have been used for
    medical and psychological purposes
  7. ernest hilgard
  8. dissociation
    a split in conciousness which one part of the mind operates independently, and one part is the hidden observer (ice bucket test)
  9. sociocognitive approach
    the effects of hypnosis result from an interaction between the social influence of the hypnotist and beliefs/expectations of the subject (role -playing)
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