Clinical Methods3 Definitions

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  1. Baseline
    Pretreatment measure of behavior prior to treatment
  2. Probes
    Procedures to assess generalization of responses to untrained stimuli
  3. Stimulus Control
    Influence of stimuli over the occurrence/non-occurrence of responses
  4. Instructions
    Verbal stimuli that gain control over behaviors
  5. Modeling
    Clinician presents entire response that client is to imitate
  6. Imitation
    Client's method of learning in which their responses take the same form as their stimuli (clinician's modeling provides the stimuli)
  7. Fading
    Progressively reducing the controlling power of models while still maintaining desired response
  8. Shaping
    Gradual modification of behavior by breaking it down into simpler components presented in a sequence that progressively approximates a final form of the behavior
  9. Prompts
    Primary verbal stimuli used to "call for" response (may take form of gesture or nod); most responses require these to be evoked
  10. Leveling
    Clinician's adjustment of various treatment factors to "fine tune" the client's learning experience throughout treatment
  11. Stimulus Discrimination
    Stimulus that is present when a response is reinforced that influences the probability of recoccurence
  12. Stimulus Generalization
    Production of unreinforced (new/untrained) responses because different stimuli share certain common properties
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Clinical Methods3 Definitions
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