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  1. What are two main control valves for sprinkler systems?
    • Outside stem and Yoke valve (OS&Y)
    • Post Indicator Valve
  2. What are 2 ways of controling water within a house after putting out the fire?
    • Water Chute
    • Water catch all
  3. What are two ways of folding salvage covers?
    • Dry fold (accordion)
    • Wet fold
  4. When you dry fold a salvage cover in the accordion, how long should the fold be?
  5. What are the 3 ways of spreading salvage covers?
    • One person throw
    • 2 man baloon
    • Counter payoff
  6. How do you attach 2 salvage covers?
    • - spread 1 salvage cover out
    • - fold 1 edge back 30CM
    • - Lay out the 2nd salvage cover so the 2 edges meet
    • - Roll the folded edge backuntil the salvage covers meet
  7. How do you carry a used salvage cover?
    The Santa Clause carry
  8. How do you set up a pike pole water chute?
    • - spread out alvage cover
    • - place pike pole on diagonals in the 2 top corners
    • - fold tarp over pike pole, then role the tarp towards the middle
    • - turn overthe entire setup so it does not unroll
  9. What are a few ways you can make a water chute?
    • - pike poles
    • - ladder
    • - stairway
  10. How do you unroll a hall runner?
  11. What is the normal size of a salvage cover at CFD?
    3M x 4M
  12. What are the 2 different types of salvage covers?
    • 1. Closely woven, waterproof canvas
    • 2. Herculite (lightweight, chemically inert, waterproof)
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