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  1. aldosterone is secreted in response to
    low Na in the blood and low blood pressue
  2. the pancreas secretes glucagon when
    blood is low in glugose
  3. the parathyroid gland controls
    the amount of calcium in the blood
  4. the adrenal cortex secretes
  5. gastrin is secreted by the ___ in response to the ___.
    • stomach
    • presence of food
  6. the upper chambers of the heart are termed ___ and contain ___
    • atria
    • pectinate muscle
  7. what is associated with arteries but not veins
    internal elastic membrane
  8. the left ventricle is associated with which valves
    • bicuspid, mitra, l. atrioventricular valve
    • aortic semilunar valve
  9. the right lymphatic duct drains lymph from
    the right upper portion of the body
  10. the secondary line of defense of the immune system involves
    inflammatory chemicals tat kill everything in the infected area
  11. what would resould of exporation of air out of the lungs
    • relaxation of the diaphragm
    • contracton of the internal intercostals
    • reaxation of the external intercostals
  12. air out of the lungs
    alveolus - alveolar duct - bronchioles - tertiary bronchus - secondary bronchus - primary bronchus - carina - trachea
  13. a sheet of connective tissue that lines the thoracic cavity
    parietal pleura
  14. pericardial membranes
    • secrete pericardial fluid
    • are used to decrease friction from the pumping action of the heart
  15. the atrioventricular node is located in the
    right atrium
  16. the lymphatic system
    • returns waste filled tissue fluid back to the blood
    • is used to absorb fat from the digestive system
    • filters tissue fluids to remove debris and dead cells
    • works with the immune system to kill bacteria
    • and does NOT remove co2 from the blood
  17. the pulmonary arteries carry
    blood high in co2 and low in 02
  18. atrioventricular node is respnsible for
    passing the action potential from the SA node to the AV bundle
  19. if the pleural membrane is punctured
    air rushes into the thorasic cavity, collapsing the lungs and causing difficulty in breathing
  20. the hypothalamus
    makes releasing and inhibiting hormones
  21. the veins and arteries of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland
    carry releasing and inhibiting hormones to the anterior pituitary
  22. the posterior pituitary
    makes and releases ACTH GH and PRL
  23. the anterior pituitary
    stores and releases oxytocin and ADH
  24. layers of an artery in to out
    enothelium - basement membrane - internal elastic lamina - tunica media - tunica externa
  25. layers of the heart in to out
    endocardium - myocardium - serous visceral pericardium - fibrous parietal pericardium
  26. structures in the nasal cavity; passageways between em
    lined with
    • nasal conche; nasal meati
    • pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium
  27. mechanics of breathing
    • diaphragm contracts
    • external intercostals contract
    • inhalation
    • relaxation leads to exhalation
  28. antidiuretic hormone
    results in reabsorbtion of water
  29. erythopoietin
    • causes kidney to reabsorb water and sodium
    • secreted when anemic to stimulate the bone marrow to make more rbc
  30. parathyroid hormone
    enhances calcium reabsortion of the kidney
  31. FSH
    causes estrogen secretion in females
  32. LH
    causes testosterone secretion males
  33. PRL
    causes milk to be manufactured
  34. glucagon
    increases blood glucose
  35. r and l coronary arteries
    carry 02 blood to the myocardium
  36. r and l posterior communicating arteries
    are part of the circle of willis
  37. pulmonary veins
    carry 02 blood to the left atrium
  38. l internal carotid artery
    carries 02 blood to the circle of willis
  39. passageway a oxygen molecule would take
    external nares - vestibule - nasal cavity- nasal conche and meatus - nasopharynx - oropharynx - laryngopharynx- epiglottis- larygngeal cartilage and vocal flods- rima glottis- cricothyoid ligament ad cricoid cartilage- trachea- carina- primary bronchus- seconday bronchus tertiary bronchus- bronchiole- alveolar duct- alveolus- simple squamous epithelium- basement membrane- simple squamous epi of capillary- capillary lumen
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