AP 1 (11-5)

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  1. What is membrane potential?
    electrical charge difference between inside and outside of the cell membrane.
  2. All cells, including neurons, have a _____.
    membrane potential
  3. Resting neurons have a resting membrane potential of what?
    70 mV
  4. Resting neurons are _____.
  5. The outside charge of a cell is positive due to _____.
    Na+ ions
  6. The inside charge of a cellis negative due primarily to the presence of _____.
    negatively-charged proteins
  7. Membrane potential results from differences in the _____ of the membrane to various ions as well as by _____.
    • permeability
    • active transport mechanisms
  8. _____ in the membrane are closed, preventing Na+ from entering the cell.
    “gated” Na+ channels
  9. Na+/K+ pump actively transports _____ Na+ out and _____ K+ in, thus causing _____Na+ to collect outside the membrane.
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