COMM 211-3

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  1. What are qualitative methods?
    • 1. Focus Groups
    • 2. Interviews
    • 3. Textual Analysis
    • 4. Participant Observation
  2. What are two broad approaches to qualitative analysis?
    • 1. Variable-oriented analysis
    • 2. Case-Oriented analysis
  3. What is variable-oriented analysis?
    • analysis is describing a particular variable or set of variables.
    • Focus Group: ask about the war and exposure to presidential speeches and about political ideology
  4. What is a case-oriented analysis?
    • analysis aiming to understand a certain case or several cases by looking closely at the details of each
    • Focus Group: ask about support for the war and see what people bring up
  5. What is the difference between open coding and closed coding?
  6. What is memoing?
    "Notes to self"
  7. What is grounded theory method?
    an inductive approach to research in which theories are generated from an examination of data
  8. What is constant comparative method?
    a component of the grounded theory method in which observations are compared with one another and with the evolving inductive theory.
  9. What are 4 stages in constant comparative method?
    • 1. Comparing incidents applicable to each category
    • 2. Integrating categories and their properties
    • 3. Delimiting the theory
    • 4. Writing theory
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