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  1. What is disease?
    The process that inerferes with or disrupts body's normal function.
  2. What is pathophysiology?
    The study of the disruption of normal physiological processes.
  3. What is pathogenesis?
    Clinical course of the disease or the development of the disease.
  4. What is epidemiology?
    -Risk Factors?
    • The study of the distrubution of disease within populations.
    • -Morbidity: Rate that people have the disease.
    • -Mortality: Rate that people die.
    • -Risk Factors:
  5. What is Etiology? Which is the most common factor?
    • Discription and identification of the cause of disease?
    • -Genetic: Illness because of the DNA sequence
    • -Acquired: Developes after birth or infection
    • -Multifactorial (most common): Multiple factors
    • -Idiopathic: We dont know the etiology
    • -Latrogenic: A disease or illness that happened due to the medical care. (Being in a hospital, doc office, ect).
  6. What are clinical manifestations?
    • 1) Signs: Something that can be measured
    • 2) Symptoms: Subjective things (NV, fatigue, anorexia).
    • 3) Lab values.
  7. What is 'outcome'?
    • Sequence.
    • -cure, remission, chronic, death
  8. What is prognosis?
    The expected or usual outcome
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