Lesson 8 vocabulary

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  1. Bethrothed
    Adj. Engaged to be married.

    n. A person to whom one is engaged to be married.
  2. Blasphemy
    n. An act or statement that shows disrespect or irreverence toward something considered sacred.
  3. Cadence
    n. A rhythm marked by a regular beat.

    The rising and falling of the voice in human speech.
  4. Canon
    n. A rule or principle that provides the norm for judgement.

    The works of a writer accepted as authentic.
  5. Denouement
    ( A French word now part of our vocabulary.) n. The outcome of a series of events.

    The final resolution following the climax of the plot of a work of drama or fiction.
  6. Edict
    n. A statement or command having the force of law.
  7. Enamor
    (Usaully used with of or with) v. To inspire with love; to captivate.
  8. Insenate
    adj. Lacking sensation or awareness.

    Lacking sense or ability to reason.

    Brutal; lacking feeling.
  9. Renegade
    n. A person who deserts one group or cause for another; a traitor.

    A person who rejects lawful behavior.
  10. soliloquy
    n. A speech in which a character's thoughts are given verbal expression.
  11. Stricture
    (Usaully plural) n. A strong criticism.

    Anything that restricts or limits.
  12. Triumvirate
    n. A group of three, especially one possessing great power or eminece.
  13. Usurp
    v. To seize and hold power or authority in an illegal or unjust manner.
  14. Vestment
    (often plural) n. An outer garment, especially one indicating a role, rank, or offive.
  15. Votary
    n. A person who is devoted to a cause or organization, expecially one of a religious nature.
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