Vasa Previa

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  1. Overview of Vasa Previa
    presence of fetal blood vessels crossing the amniotic membranes over the cervical os.

    The risk associated with fetal hemorrhage, as the patients cervix dilates or membranes rupture

    this condition is rarely diagnosed prior to the onset of labor
  2. Assessment of Vasa Previa
    • Objective data:
    • painless heavy bleeding upon rupture of membranes
    • fetal bradycardia

    • Laboratory test
    • Hgb and Hct decreased
    • cross and type match for possible blood transfusions

    • Diagnostic procedures:
    • confirmation by sonography
  3. Collaborative care for Vasa Previa
    • Nursing care:
    • assess bleeding rate, amount and color
    • administer IV fluids as prescribed
    • administer oxygen 8-10 Leters via face mask
    • prepare for emergency cesarean birth

    Medication: administer blood products and fluid volume replacements to maintain the client's urine output at 30 mL/hr or more and Hct at 30% or greater

    Provide emotional support for the patient and family

    • Expected outcome:
    • birth of a viable neonate
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