Bio Lab Quiz 11.28

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  1. Why are A, T, G, and C used in the master mix?
    These nucleotides are used because they are the raw materials for DNA.
  2. What are the other components of the master mix, and what are they're functions?
    • DNA Template- provides the sequence in which DNA needs to replicate itself.
    • Deoxynucleotides ATGC- the raw material of DNA.
    • DNA Polymerase- an enzyme that assembles the nucleotides into a new DNA strand.
    • Magnesium ions- act as cofactors to create the DNA chain.
    • Primers- tell DNA polymerase where to start making copies.
    • Salt Buffer- makes an ionic environment and PH for the PCR reaction.
  3. Why is it necessary to have a primer on each side of the DNA segment to be amplified?
    They tell DNA polymerase where to start making copies. They're on each side on the segment so that the complementary pairs can bind to each other.
  4. How did Taq DNA Polymerase get its name?
    From the bacteria, Thermus Aquaticus.
  5. What are the three major steps of PCR and what reactions occur during these steps?
    • Denature- 94 degrees celsius. Separates the one double stranded DNA template into two separate one stranded molecules.
    • Anneal- 60 degrees celsius. The primers and template bind together.
    • Extend- 72 degrees celsius. The DNA polymerase catalyzes and creates more strands of DNA.
  6. What are exons?
    • Coding sequences
    • (ex=exit the nucleus)
  7. What are introns?
    • Noncoding sequences
    • (in=stay in the nucleus)
  8. What is RNA splicing?
    Removes introns
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