11/28/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 498

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  1. AP
    means passing from front to the rear.
  2. arthrocentesis
    is a surgical puncture of a joint to remove fluid.
  3. atlas
    is the first cervical vertebra, which supports the skull.
  4. cephalometer
    is an instrument used to measure the head.
  5. cervical vertebrae
    are bones that form the skeletal framework of the neck.
  6. diaphysis
    means shaft or main part of bone.
  7. myelogram
    refers to a radiograph of the spinal canal after injection of a contrast medium.
  8. myorrhexis
    means rupture of a muscle.
  9. quadriplegia
    means paralysis of all four extremities.
  10. radiologist
    is a physician who specializes in the use of x-rays for diagnosis & treatment of disease.
  11. radiology
    is study of x-rays & radioactive substances used for diagnosing & treating diseases.
  12. bone marrow
    is soft tissue that fills the medullary cavities of long bones.
  13. spondylomacia
    means softening of vertebrae.
  14. open fracture
    is a fracture in which the broken end of a bone has moved so that it pierces the skin, with possibly extensive damage to surrounding blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.
  15. closed fracture
    is a fracture in which the bone is broken, but there is no external wound & surrounding tissue damage is minimal.
  16. proximal
    means near the point of attachment to the trunk.
  17. distal
    is a directional term that means farthest of the point of attachment to the trunk.
  18. bilateral
    means pertaining to or affecting two sides.
  19. articulation
    is the place of union between two or more bones; a joint.
  20. intervertebral
    is situated between two adjacent vertebrae.
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