Spanish Ch. 7, more verbs

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  1. atar
    to tie
  2. atrapar
    to catch; to trap
  3. casarse
    to get married
  4. castigar
    to punish
  5. chocar
    to crash (into)
  6. conquistar
    to conquer
  7. cumplir años
    to have a birthday
  8. dirigir
    to direct
  9. enfermarse
    to get sick
  10. enojarse
    to get angry
  11. estacionar
    to park
  12. faltar
    to miss; to be lacking
  13. ganar
    to win; to earn
  14. gobernar
    to govern
  15. hospedarse
    to stay (at a hotel)
  16. matricularse en
    to enroll in
  17. morir
    to die
  18. preguntar
    to ask
  19. publicar
    to publish
  20. quejarse
    to complain
  21. quemar
    to burn
  22. quitar
    to take away
  23. robar
    to steel
  24. salir para (un lugar)
    to leave for (a place)
  25. saludar
    to greet
  26. sonar
    to ring; to go off (alarm)
  27. subir
    to go up
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