Spanish 201-5-4

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  1. How many ships pass through the panama per year? Week?
    • 12,000/year
    • 230/week
  2. What year was Panama Canal built?
  3. How much time does traveling through the canal save?
    10 hours
  4. What year was Panama Canal given back to Panama?>
  5. Comparitive is used for....
    • Comparing two or more things.
    • <This hotel is more elegant than the other one>
    • Este hotel es mas elegante que el otro.
  6. Superlative is used for
    • This is the ___-est!
    • This is the easiest!
    • Esta es el facilisimo!
  7. Superlative forumla for nouns
    • El/la + [Noun] + Mas/menos + [Adjective] + de.
    • Es el hotel menos caro del pueblo. This is the least expensive hotel in town
  8. Pero vs Sino. Use when?
    • Sino is used for "but rather, or on the contrary". Only used after negative clauses.
    • Pero is used for "but or however". It can be used for positive or negative clauses
  9. When sino is used on a congugated word, you add..
    "Que". "Sino Que" exa. "no quiero que vayas a la fiesta, sino que hagas tu tarea."
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