200 Words: 1-30

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  1. accentuate
    to highlight or emphasize a part
  2. adversary
    an opponent or enemy
  3. alliteration
    the repetition of the same sounds especially at the beginning of words
  4. analogy
    an explanation of something by comparing it with something similair
  5. antibody
    a protein in blood and tissue that provide immunity against toxins
  6. aplomb
    self confidence; poise; especially in a difficult situation
  7. apprehensive
    anxious or fearful; uneasy
  8. aptitude
    the ability to learn or understand
  9. aspire
    to have a great ambition; desire strongly
  10. attentive
    giving attention to something; paying careful attention to the concerns of others; considerate
  11. bamboozle
    to decieve by elaborate trickery; hoodwink
  12. banish
    to force to leave a country or place; exile
  13. barricade
    something that serves as an obstacle to block an opening or passage
  14. bizzare
    very strange or odd
  15. boisterous
    rough and stormy, violent, noisy and lacking restraint of discipline
  16. boycott
    to act together in refusing to use, buy from, or deal with; protest
  17. bluff
    to engage in a false display of strength or confidence, usually to decieve someone
  18. brandish
    to wave or exhibit something in a dramatic or threatening way
  19. camouflage
    to make something appear to be part of natural surroundings
  20. chronological
    the order of sequence of events; a list of events analyzed in order of time of occurence
  21. circumfrance
    the boundary of an area, an object, or a geometric figure, especially a circle
  22. commemerate
    to honor the momory of somoene or something especially with a ceremony
  23. commotion
    noisy activity or confusion
  24. concoction
    something that has been prepared by putting several things together; a mixture of ingrediants
  25. conspicuous
    easily seen; obvious; attracting attention
  26. contortion
    aa sharp twist or bend
  27. counter
    to do or say something in opposition to something else
  28. cower
    to crouch or draw back as from fear or pain; cringe
  29. cunning
    sly, crafty, or clever
  30. debris
    the scattered remain of something broken, destroyed, or discarded; rubble or wreckage
  31. decorum
    proper behavior or conduct; propriety
  32. deduction
    the act of subtracting a conclusion, reached by using reasoning
  33. defiance
    open resistance to an opposing force of authority
  34. deign
    to be willing to do something that seems beneath one's dignity; to conscend
  35. deft
    quick and skillful
  36. despondent
    feeling depression of spirits from loss of hope, confidence or courage
  37. destination
    the place which a person or thing is going or is sent
  38. dialogue
    a conversation between 2 or more people; the words spoken by characters in a play or story
  39. diminish
    to make or become smaller or less; reduce or decrease
  40. disdain
    a feelings that someone or something is bad, worthless, or low
  41. dismal
    causing gloom or depression; feeling gloomy, depressed, or miserable
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