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  1. House of representative is made up of...
    are chosen every second year by the people of the several states and must have the Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legistature
  2. the argument that House of Representatives should stay in office for four year, why?
    Because they are constantly running for re-election
  3. supporters of the short term say what?
    frequent elections keep a member of Congress close to the people that is why is known as "the peoples house"
  4. Was the house of representatives chosen by the people in 1787 to be chosen by the people themselves
  5. Article 1 allows states to determine voters qualifications, when did that change?
    later amendments to the constitution did establish national standards regarding race, gender, age and property requirements for voting.
  6. Jeanette Rankin
    in 1916 Montana elected Rankin to the U.S. House Representative, she was the first female representative of congress. She was elected again in 1940
  7. Jacksonian Democracy did what?
    During the 1820, many states removed property requirements for voting
  8. Fifteen Amendment
    In 1870, gave black men the right to vote and the nineteen amendment gave the same right for women
  9. Western states were among the first to grant women the right to vote, why?
    to encourage settlement there.
  10. Twenty fourth Amendment?
    In 1964 prohibited of poll taxes, which was done to discourage people from voting.
  11. When did the age limit to vote get lowered and to what?
    The 26th Amendment lowered the minimum age to vote from 21 to eighteen.
  12. Section 2 is known as the qualifications clause, why?
    Sets forth the basic requirements to be amember of the House of Representatives; minimum age of 25, 7 years as u.s. citizen and residence within the state from which elected, but does not have to live in a particular congressional district in the state.
  13. The supreme court ruled that individual states could not restrict the terms for members of congress, when did this occur?
    U.S. Term limits v. Thornton (1995)
  14. Scarlet Letter law?
    In cook v. Gralike the supreme court ruled a Missouri law unconstitutional that required ballots to indicate that a congressional candidate opposed term limits.
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