Pelvic Viscera

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  1. What is the ureter crossed by in the male and female?
    • Male: ductus deference
    • Female: Uterine artery
  2. What seperates the bladder from the pubic bones?
    Retropubic space of Retzius
  3. How is the neck of the bladder secured in the male and female?
    • Male: Puboprostatic ligament
    • Female: Pubovesical ligament to pelvic diaphragm
  4. What muscle makes up the bladder and how many layers does it contain?
    • Detrusor muscle
    • 3 layers
  5. What is the urinary trigone bound by?
    • Ureteric openings
    • Internal urethral orfice
  6. What innervaton type is the desire to urinate, emptying reflex, and pain from distention done by? What innervation type contracts the internal urethral sphincter during ejaculation?
    • Desire to urinate, emptying, pain: Parasympathetic
    • During ejaculation: Sympathetic
  7. What are the borders of the prostatic urethra?
    • Internal urethral orfice
    • Superior fascia of urogenital diaphragm
  8. Describe the structure of the prostatic urethra?
    • Median urethral crest with a the prostatic sinus on both sides
    • Seminal colliculus is in the center of the urethral crest with a small pit (prostatic utricle)
    • On the side of prostatic utricle are 2 ejaculatory ducts
  9. What is found on the side of the membranous urethra?
    Bulbourethral glands
  10. What is found on the proximal part of the spongy urethra?
    Ducts of bulbourethral glands empty here
  11. What forms the ejaculatory duct?
    • Ductus deferens
    • Duct of seminal vesicle
  12. What do the seminal vesicles and prostate secrete?
    • Seminal Vesicle: Thick, alkaline secretion. Most of seminal fluid
    • Prostate: Thin, milky fluidy. 1/5th of semen
  13. What is the vaginal recess that surrounds the cervix?
    • Anterior fornix
    • Posterior fornix
    • Lateral fornix
  14. What is the posterior fornix covered by?
    Peritoneum of rectouterine pouch
  15. How does the uterus and vagina communicate?
    Uterine ostium or external os
  16. What 2 ligaments are derivatives of the gubernaculum?
    • Round ligament of the uterus
    • Ligaments of ovary
  17. What are the sections of the fallopian tubes?
    • Infundibulum
    • Ambulla
    • Isthmus
    • Uterine part
  18. What is the main ligament of the ovary? What is its significance?
    • Suspensory ligament of hte ovary
    • Conducts ovarian vessels and nerves
  19. What ligaments hold the cervix? Where are they located?
    • Uterosacral ligament: Sides of cervix to sacrum
    • Transverse cervical ligaments: Also called cardinal or meckenrodt's ligaments. Extend along base of broad ligament from cervix to lateral pelvic walls
  20. What ligaments hold the uterus?
    • Broad ligament
    • Round ligament of uterus
  21. Describe the location of rectovesical, vesicouterine and rectouterine pouches?
    • Rectovesical: Between bladder and rectum (M)
    • Vesicouterine: Body of uterus and bladder (F)
    • Rectouterine: Uterus from rectum. Inferior part of this pouch is on the posterior fornix of vagina. Also called pouch of douglas
  22. What are the 3 named parts of the broad ligament and their location:
    • Mesometrium: Sides of uterus
    • Mesovarium: Attached to ovaru
    • Mesosalphinx: Superior to mesovarium and surrounds uterine tubes
  23. How can you access the rectouterine pouch to drain blood, fluid or pus?
    Go through the posterior fornix of vagina
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