Biochem 5

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  1. What is metabolism?
    Metabolism is the sum mof all the chemical tranformations that occur in living cells
  2. What is metabolism essential for?
    Metabolism is essential for energy generation
  3. What is intermediary metabolism?
    Reactions that involve the interconversion of small molecules <1000 Da
  4. What is a Dalton?
    1 Dalton= the mass of 1 proton
  5. What are the two major processes in metabolism?
    • Catabolism
    • Anabolism
  6. What is Catabolism?
    the breakdown of energy-containing nutrents (convergent)
  7. What is Anabolism?
    use small compounds as building blocks (divergent)
  8. What is released from catabolism?
    energy and some energy as ATP and reduced electron carriers (NADH)
  9. What are ATP and NADH used for?
    Used as energy to power anabolic reactions
  10. What is Thermodynamics?
    • deals with systems proceeding toward equilibrium,
    • system is a mixture of reactants and products
  11. How is the energy release of different reactions compared?
    To compare the amount of energy release during different reactions, reactions are compared under standard conditions
  12. How does ∆G relate to the reaction?
    ∆G is independent of the reaction mechanism and provides no information ont he reaction rates
  13. How does ∆G'0 relate to a reaction?
    ∆G'0 (standard free energy change) for a reaction is related to the equilibrium constant for the reaction
  14. What is equilibrium?
    At equilibrium, the conversion of reactants to products is equal to the conversion of products to reactants
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