Chapter 7 - Physical Therapy

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  1. What is one contraindication for using heat?
    Injuries within 48 hours. If there is active swelling you shouldn't use heat.
  2. WHat are 3 indications for use of ultrasound for injuries?
    • 1. Edema
    • 2. Pain
    • 3. Adhesions/scar tissue.
  3. What are the contraindications to TENS unit?
    Contraindications: Pacemakers and Pregnancy

    • Stands for:
    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
    • -A pocket size, battery-operated device that provides mild, continuous electrical current through the skin by using 2 to 4 electrodes

    -High TENS (100-500Hz) relieves pain by blocking pain fibers and is used up to 24 hrs/day because when the unit is turned off the pain cycle often returns.

    -Low TENS (1-50Hz) relieves pain by endorphin release, and due to the 4 hour 1/2 life of endorphins need only be used 15-30 min at a time.
  4. When can you use iontophoresis
    Usually used for such things as topical anesthetics, antiinflammatories and muscle relaxants
  5. Compare Isometric to Isotonic to Isokinetic contraction.
    • Isometric contraction:
    • Static contraction- muscle contraction that is not associated with joint motion or change in muscle length. Can be performed in a cast.

    • Isotonic contraction:
    • Dynamic contraction - muscle contraction with associated joint motion and change in muscle length, either eccentric or concentric.
    • Eccentric contraction: muscle contraction in which the muscle lengthens while contracting. Contraction force of muscle is against an overpowering weight resistance
    • Concentric contraction: Where a weight is lifted with the force of muscle contraction

    Isokinetic contraction: contraction at a constant velocity at all ranges of motion by using a machine with an accommodating resistance.
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