Literary Terms

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  1. literary ballad
    imitation of the folk ballad done by one author
  2. idyll
    pastoral poem that presents an incident of natural simplicity in a rustic setting, a "little picture" of country life
  3. lyric
    short, simple, subjective poem which expresses a single emotion
  4. ode
    poem which treast a serious subject thoughtfully and emotionally, a tribute to a person/thing
  5. elegy
    poem which laments the dead
  6. madrigal
    poem suitable for musical setting, short and amatory song
  7. villanelle
    19-line French poem
  8. complaint
    poem where the poet laments, bemoans, or regrets
  9. metaphor
    obvious exaggeration for the sake of effect without like or as
  10. mixed metaphor
    jumbling of two metaphors
  11. hyperbole
    obvious exaggeration without any attempt at deception
  12. metonymy
    use of a word for another associated with it
  13. apostrophe
    direct address to the dead
  14. personification
    giving of personality to inanimate objects
  15. allegory
    prolonged metaphor where the narrative stands for some higher meaning
  16. paradox
    contradictory statement that holds truth
  17. conceit
    surprising comparison between two different things
  18. meter
    rise of rhythm in a line of poerty
  19. trocee
  20. spondee
    two accents
  21. scansion
    determining the line and type of meter
  22. masculine rhyme
    rhyming of a single syllable
  23. dissonance
    harsh, inharmonious sounds
  24. canto
    division of a long poem
  25. blank verse
    unrhymed iambic pentameter
  26. free verse
    poetry without regular meter or rhyme
  27. heroic couplet
    couplet of iambic pentameter lines
  28. quatrain
    four-line stanza
  29. spenserian stanza
    9 line poem
  30. heptastich
    7-line poem
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