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  1. Lymphogranuloma Venereum presents how?
    What causes it?
    • with enlarged inguinal l. nodes
    • Chlamydia Trachomatic L1-L3
  2. What is the whiff test?
    KOH releases fishy odor
  3. What kind of lesions du cat scatch causes?
    excoriation--linear lesions
  4. How is carotenemia different from jaundice?
    carotenemia doesnt have yellow sclera
  5. Review
  6. Causes of endocarditis?
    • bacterial
    • autoimmune--SLE
    • Malignancy--thromboli
  7. 3 conditions which give MVP?
    • Friedrich's ataxia
    • ADPCKD
    • Marfans
  8. HCM is due to what mutation?
    beta myosin heavy chain
  9. Heart conditions in Marfans?
  10. What kind of dislocation of lens is seen in Marfans?
    In homocyteinuria?
    • outward
    • downward
  11. 3 causes of Homocysteinuria?
    • 1- no cystathione synthase
    • 2- decrease affinity for pyridoxine by cystathione synthase
    • 3- Homocysteine methyltransferase deficiency
  12. Presentation of homocysteinuria?
    • similar to marfans i.e tall stature, lens subluxation
    • BUT there is MR, Osteoporosis and high homocysteine in urine
  13. Rx for Hereditary Spherocytosis?
  14. Howel Jowell Bodies are seen where?
    After splenectomy
  15. What action denatures folate?
    Extremem Microwave heating
  16. Vit B12 is needed for what 2 reactions?
    • methyl malonyl Coa to Succinyl Coa
    • methionine to Homocysteine
  17. Pyridoxine is needed for what 2 conditions?
    • to prevent INH toxicity to neurons and hypatocytes
    • as a cofactor for AAAD which breaks do
  18. Easy bruisibility + menorrhagia is what?
  19. Difference between Leukemoid rxn and Leukemia?
    • Leukemia has basophils and splenomegaly
    • Leukemoid rxn has high alkaline phosphotase and there is infection
  20. How do you treat HMD?
    give IL-10
  21. WHat is a cholesteatoma with Otits media?
    exudate filled with desquamated squamous epithelium
  22. Acute or chronic pancreatitis has fat malabsorption?
  23. What differentiates RA from OA in terms of osteoarthtis duration?
    RA has longer morning stiffness
  24. Which has reduced joint space? RA or OA?
  25. Juvenile RA has Rheumatoid factor?
  26. Risk of Enchondroma?
    chondrosarcoma---pelvic bones
  27. Secondary osteosarcoma is secondary to?
    Pagets disease--nerve entrapmnet
  28. Tumor around knee joint with giant cells in the epiphyseal region?
    • Giant--soap bubble
    • aneurysmal bone cyst
  29. What neoplasm gives rise to MG?
  30. How can one get calcium oxalate stones as opposed to calcium phosphate?
    get oxalate from ethylene glycol ingestion
  31. How do you monitor Mg toxicity?
    look for deep tendon reflexes
  32. Rx for psoriasis?
    Vit D-calciptrene
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