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  1. 5 psychosexual stages by Freud
    -Oral (0-18 months), weaning from the bottle or breast

    -Anal( 18 months-3 years)

    -Phallic( 3-6 years)

    -Latency (6 years to puberty)

    -Genital ( puberty to adulthood)
  2. (5 psychosexual stages by Freud) Oral : 0 to 18 months
    - Mouth

    - over: gullible, dependence, and passivity

    -under: aggresiveness, sadism, tendency to exploit others.
  3. (5 psychosexual stages by Freud) Anal: 18 months to 3 years
    -anus, toilet training

    if parents are too lenient: anal expulsive personality, rebellious, disorderly

    if parents too strict: anal-retentive personality, perfect, highly comtrolled, highly cumpusively neat
  4. (5 psychosexual stages by Freud) Phallic : 3 to 6 years
    -genitals, overcoming oedipus complex by identifying same-sex parent

    -boys experience Oedipus complex, they fight with their father for possession of their mother.

    -girls experience penis envy, they become fixated to that.
  5. (5 psychosexual stages by Freud) Latency: 6 years till puberty
    - none, they just interact with same sex peers

    - period of sexual dormancy

    - they put all their energy to hobbies and other interests.
  6. (5 psychosexual stages by Freud) Genital: puberty till adulthood
    -genitals, establishing intimate relaitonships with opposite sex

    - unsuccessful at this stage, leads to lustful relationships
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