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  1. What is a symphonic poem or a tone poem?
    A large orchestral work, generally in one movement, which depends on a programme ie a poem or a painting
  2. What is an Idee Fixe?
    A recurring theme, common to all movements of a composition but varied according to the needs of the programme
  3. What improvements were made to the piano during the 19th century?
    They gave it a wider range in pitch, volume, tone and a richer sound
  4. What is a prelude?
    A short piece which comes before another work or it can be an independent composition
  5. How did chamber music progress in the romantic period?
    While continuing as an intimate form of music making, it also became a form of concert music, often dominated by the increasing powerful piano
  6. What is a Lied?
    A German song for solo voice and piano. An important aspect of the lied is that the piano and voice part is of equal importance. Lied can be either strophic or through composed
  7. What is a liet motif?
    • This is a short recurring theme or musical idea which may represent a character, idea or emotion
    • eg the "da-dum" in jaws
  8. What is the italian word that means to play expressively?
  9. What kind of music was important in the romantic period?
    Programme music
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