Variation revision

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  1. What is variation?
    Variation is the differences which can occur between individuals of the same species
  2. What is a species?
    A group of interbreeding organisms whose offspring are fertile
  3. Why is variation important to a species?
    • Variation is important to a species as it allows the population to adapt to a changing environment so it has a better chance of survival
    • eg resistance and survival from a disease or colonising a new environment
  4. Why is sexual reproduction important?
    As it is an important source of genetic variation
  5. In what three ways can variation arise?
    • Meiosis - gives rise to gametes which are not all the same
    • Fertilisation - nuclei of two gametes fuse to form a zygote with different combination of genes
    • Mutation - sometimes a change will occur in a gene and a new characteristic may be passed on
  6. What is the chromosome compliment?
    The characteristic number of chromosomes for every animal or plant
  7. A diploid cell will have a _______ set of chromosomes?
  8. A haploid cell will have a ______ set of chromosomes
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