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  1. Raymundo is trying to develop a presentation strategy. One of the prescriptions he should follow is:
    prepare objectives
  2. The six-step presentation plan includes which of the following steps?
    approach, presentation, demonstration, negotiation, close, and servicing the sale
  3. The major purpose of the approach is to:
    capture the prospect's full attention and build interest in the product
  4. The statement, "This product is convenient, priced right and ready to use" is an example of which of the following approaches?
  5. Which is the first step in creating a presentation objective?
    obtain personal and business information to establish the customer's file
  6. The act of presenting product appeals so as to influence the prospect's beliefs, attitudes, or behavior to encourage the buyer to make a buying decision, is referred to as which of the following presentations?
  7. One way to move from the social contact to the business contact is to thank the customer for taking time to meet with you and then review your goals for the meeting. Which of the following approaches is this?
  8. Which of the following should be used when making a telephone contact with a prospect?
    State the purpose of your call and explain how the prospect can benefit from a meeting.
  9. The step in the Presentation Plan involving determining needs, selecting a solution, and showing the product to the customer is the:
  10. The step in the Presentation Plan involving anticipating buyer concerns and using the win-win methods is the:
  11. The step in the Presentation Plan involving recognizing closing cues and initiating closing methods is the:
  12. An approach that involves using the good will of a third party to make contact with the prospect is the:
    referral approach
  13. An approach that gets the prospect thinking about a problem the salesperson can solve is the:
    question approach
  14. A non-threatening approach that allows the salesperson to gather information about the prospect before the call is the:
    survey approach
  15. An approach that involves giving the customer free samples of the product is the:
    premium approach
  16. Fear of taking risks and fear of rejection are two thought patterns that may be responsible for sales call reluctance. Which of the following is another pattern that may be responsible for sales call reluctance?
    lack of self-confidence
  17. Practicing an approach before making initial contact is beneficial because:
    rehearsal reduces the chances that you will make a mistake
  18. It is vital to treat secretaries, assistants, and receptionists with respect because:
    they control your access to the decisionmakers
  19. Preparing presale objectives, developing a presale presentation plan, and providing outstanding customer service are the three parts of:
    the presentation strategy
  20. Which of the following is an effective suggestion for dealing with sales call reluctance?
    Develop a deeper commitment to your goals.
  21. Active listening involves:
    indicating that you are paying attention to what the speaker is saying with verbal and nonverbal feedback
  22. A major reason for using summary confirmation questions is to clarify and confirm:
    the customer's several buying conditions
  23. As a general rule, we can close more sales by:
    using confirmation questions to determine if we are on the right track
  24. Sometimes used in conjunction with company supplied forms, these types of questions are often used in service, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing selling:
    preplanned questions
  25. The dimensions of need discovery usually begin with:
    asking appropriate questions
  26. In the field of personal selling, persuasion:
    is an acceptable strategy once a need has been identified and a suitable product has been selected
  27. Which of the following is the last part of the Consultative Sales Presentation Guide?
    servicing the sale
  28. Yvette has been told by her sales manager that she should use more "figurative language" during her sales presentations. Yvette should increase her use of:
  29. Of the principles listed below, the best principle to follow to make your presentations effective is to:
    keep it simple and straightforward
  30. A major reason for asking survey questions is to:
    collect basic facts about the buyer's existing situation and problem
  31. Although it seems counter-intuitive, one way to strengthen a customer relationship is to recommend:
    that the customer purchase from another source
  32. A presentation strategy that emphasizes factual information often taken from technical reports, company-prepared sales literature, or written testimonials from persons who have used the product is the:
    informative presentation strategy
  33. A presentation strategy that influences the prospect's beliefs, attitudes, or behavior and encourages buyer action is the:
    persuasive presentation strategy
  34. A presentation strategy that maintains an ongoing awareness and familiarity with product lines, often after the sale, is the:
    reminder presentation strategy
  35. If a customer becomes used to the high quality of service and begins to view the service as a commodity, a salesperson should:
    periodically remind the customer of the value added by the service
  36. Salespeople should make benefit statements that:
    match the specific needs of the customer
  37. If the customer is aware of the problem and the salesperson sells a product that can solve the problem, the salesperson should:
    recommend the solution immediately
  38. In a situation in which the customer may not be fully aware of a problem, the salesperson will need to:
    define the problem and recommend the solution
  39. If the customer's problem is not solved by any of the products or services the salesperson sells, then it is appropriate for the salesperson to:
    recommend another source
  40. Which of the following can be an area of negotiation before the close?
  41. When a prospect simply cannot imagine how a product can be used, a salesperson's best strategy is to:
    overcome the prospect's doubts with a demonstration
  42. When prospects participate in a sales demonstration, they:
    receive one of the most effective sales demonstrations
  43. Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding the sales presentation?
    Appealing to the prospect's senses makes the sales demonstration more powerful.
  44. Test results are most effective as a demonstration tool when:
    they come from a respected independent agency
  45. An effective sales demonstration is the result of both:
    planning and practice
  46. If a salesperson was attempting to develop a feeling of ownership in a prospect shopping for a diamond ring, s/he might:
    encourage the customer to try it on
  47. Which of the following statements regarding audiovisual presentations is true?
    Be sure the prospect knows the purpose of the presentation.
  48. Which of the following statements concerning laptop computers is true?
    Many of the things needed during a sales presentation can be stored in a laptop.
  49. Statements, reports, testimonials, customer data, and photographs are all examples of:
    proof devices
  50. A feeling of ownership in the customer creates:
    a desire to own the product
  51. When using graphs and charts, the salesperson:
    should interpret them for the customer
  52. PowerPoint presentations are an easy and inexpensive way to give a(n):
    professional-looking presentation
  53. Web-based demonstrations can be an effective way to present when it is:
    impossible or expensive to present in person
  54. A salesperson uses which of the following to discover needs, confirm the selection, and resolve complaints?
    questioning skills
  55. A salesperson uses which of the following to overcome objections?
    negotiating skills
  56. A salesperson uses which of the following when a customer has made a buying decision, immediately recognizes the solution, or gives closing signals?
    closing skills
  57. Which of the following is a guideline for presenting in front of a group?
    Identify the titles and roles of the people who will attend.
  58. One danger of relying too heavily on a technical presentation is:
    missing the opportunity to create a relationship with the customer
  59. A successful sales presentation is:
    a model of good two-way communication
  60. Salespeople need to be prepared for a presentation to:
    run longer than planned
  61. Which of the following is an acceptable method of negotiating the price objection?
    Explain and demonstrate the difference between price and cost.
  62. Adding value with a cluster of satisfactions would be an effective way to deal with:
    price resistance
  63. Resistance to the product is usually caused by:
    the present product is satisfactory
  64. When a prospect has finished voicing an objection, it is a good idea for the salesperson to:
    be certain both parties are clear about the true nature of the problem
  65. The "feel-felt-found" method is used in conjunction with which of the following?
    indirect denial
  66. When a customer raises a valid objection that cannot be answered with a denial, the salesperson should consider using which of the following methods?
  67. One of the most common forms of buyer resistance and one of the most common excuses is:
    resistance to price
  68. Which of the following is an acceptable way to cope with the loyalty objection?
    Work on recruiting internal champions to build more support for your message.
  69. When your customer says, "I would rather not tie up my money in a large order," the resistance falls into which category?
  70. If a customer says to a sales representative from Johnson Supply, "I've always purchased my supplies from the Ralston Company," this person is raising an objection to:
  71. A salesperson should consider reviewing the benefits of the product before making price concessions to a buyer who engages in which of the following tactics?
    take-it-or-leave-it tactic
  72. The salesperson may find which of the following tactics used by a buyer a fair deal?
    let-us-split-the-difference tactic
  73. Balance of power is the issue a salesperson must take into consideration when deciding how to respond to which of the following tactics?
    "if...then" tactic
  74. An agreement to keep the same price but reduce prices in the future is often a successful response to which of the following tactics used by buyers?
    "sell low now, make profits later" tactic
  75. Reducing the price by unbundling some items is an effective technique a salesperson can use with a buyer who uses which of the following tactics?
    budget limitation tactic
  76. If a company uses a low-price strategy, the company may need to consider which of the following to be able to make effective price concessions?
    eliminating features that contribute to a higher price
  77. Cost represents the:
    amount the buyer pays for a product as it is used over a period of time
  78. Which of the following is an important consideration that buyers should keep in mind if they are searching for the lowest price on a product?
    The highest quality can never be obtained at the lowest price.
  79. The iceberg metaphor shows that many customers try to negotiate on price because:
    they do not realize that other factors, such as service and terms, can be more important to satisfaction in the long-haul
  80. The difference between a misunderstanding and a disagreement is that:
    a misunderstanding is a failure to accurately understand the other person's point, while a disagreement is a failure to agree even when both sides understand each other
  81. Difficulties closing the sale are most likely to arise when:
    the salesperson is not strategically prepared for the close
  82. When you are working on a large, complex sale you should try to achieve:
    incremental commitment
  83. A salesperson who says, "If you will sign the order today, I can guarantee delivery within five days," is using which of the following closing methods?
    direct appeal
  84. You have covered the major points of the sales presentation and detected considerable buyer interest, but you feel that the prospect will not be able to put the entire picture together without help. Which type of closing would be most appropriate?
    summary-of-benefits close
  85. Prior to the introduction of consultative selling and the partnering era, closing was often presented as:
    the most important aspect of the sales process
  86. A closing clue can be described as a(n):
    verbal or nonverbal form of feedback from the customer
  87. If the prospect says "no," which of the following should the salesperson avoid?
    Display open disappointment and indicate that you would like to return later and present the proposal a second time.
  88. To close a sale more effectively, it helps to look at the value proposition:
    from the customer's point of view
  89. Withholding information from customers to reveal at the close is a bad idea because springing new information could:
    jeopardize the sale and cause bad feelings
  90. Salespeople should be confident at the time of the close if they can answer "yes" to all of the following questions EXCEPT:
    Are you ready to give discounts if they are needed?
  91. Which of the following is a nonverbal buying clue?
    The prospect leans forward and appears to be intent on hearing your message.
  92. The best closing method is:
    the one that is appropriate to the customer
  93. Salespeople should never put pressure on a buyer with this communication style, and must understand the buyer's perceived risks to overcome them. Which communication style does this buyer have?
  94. Salespeople should provide support for this type of buyer's opinions and ideas, as this buyer needs social acceptance. Which communication style does this buyer have?
  95. Salespeople should never put pressure on a buyer with this communication style, and will not get anywhere by appealing to emotions. Which communication style does this buyer have?
  96. Salespeople should persist if the first effort to close is rejected, as this type of buyer admires persistence. Which communication style does this buyer have?
  97. The confirmation step is important because it:
    reassures the buyer that they made the right decision
  98. An emotional response that can take various forms such as feelings of regret, fear, or anxiety is:
    buyer's remorse
  99. When a sale is lost, it is important to review the chain of events because:
    this will enable the salesperson to learn from his or her mistakes
  100. Once a salesperson has lost a deal, the salesperson should:
    keep the door open for future sales
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