social psychology

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  1. equal-status contact
    Contact on an equal basis. Just as a relationship between pople of unequal status breeds attitudes consistent with their relationship, so do relationships between those of equal status. Thus, to reduce prejudice, interracial contact should be between persons equal in satus.
  2. mediation
    An attempt by a neutral third party to resolve a conflict by facilitating communcation and offering suggestions
  3. arbitration
    Resolution of a conflict by a netural third party who studies both sides and imposes a settlement.
  4. integrative agreements
    Win-win agreements that reconcile both parites' interests to their mutual benefit
  5. superordinate goal
    A shared goal that necessitates cooperative effort; a goal that overrides people's dfferences form each another
  6. bargaining
    Seeking resolution of a conflict through direct negotiation between parties
  7. GRIT
    Acronym for "graduated and reciprocated initiatives in tension reduction"- a strategy designed to de-escalate international tensions
  8. altruism
    A motive to increase another's welfare without conscious regard for one's self-interests
  9. social-exchange theory
    the theory that human interactions are transactions that aim to maximize one's rewards and minimize one's costs
  10. reciprocity norm
    An expactation that people will help, not hurt, those who have helped them
  11. social-responsibilty norm
    An expectation that people will help those needing help
  12. bystander effect
    The finding that a person is less likely to provide help when there are other bystanders
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