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  1. The fall of the Alexandrian School was due to...
    • 1. Attacks by Arabs in 641 A.D.
    • 2. Cairo was built in 969 A.D.
    • 3. Shipping route discovered around the Cape of Good Hope
  2. What is, except for the Bible, probably the most studied and circulated book from the ancient world?
    Euclid's Elements
  3. Name three of Archimedes's inventions/discoveries.
    • 1. Measuring the volume of an irregular shape (crown in bath tub)
    • 2. Archimedean screw
    • 3. Pulley
  4. Un=Fn+1
    Golden Ratio
  5. Tomb had the figure of a sphere inscribed in a circle.
  6. Argued for a spherical earth. A great guy in geography and math.
  7. Coined the phrase, "Let no man ignorant of geometry enter here."
  8. His name was linked with a problem in the Liber Abaci which concerned the number of offspring of a pair of rabbits.
  9. His armies spread Greek culture over much of the Near East.
    Alexander the Great
  10. Wrote Elements of Geometry.
  11. Formula for the Fibonacci Sequence.
    F1=F2=1, Fn=Fn-2+Fn-1 where n is greater than or equal to 3
  12. Famous achievements of Archimedes
    • 1. Volume of irregular shape (crown in tub, Eureka)
    • 2. Single-handedly pull a ship to dock with pulley system.
    • 3. Pulley networks used in war fare to pick up enemy ships and drop them.
    • 4. Archimedean Screw to move water.
    • 5. Rumor of using a system of mirrors to catch enemy ships on fire.
  13. The Rosetta Stone is important in the history of mathematics because...
    It provided the key to understanding the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian civilization.
  14. Primitive civilizations were capable of which of the following?
    a. Counting
    b. Visibly expressing the idea of number
    c. Tallying by grouping
    d. Reckoning time
    e. All of the above
    e. All of the above
  15. True or False: The Egyptians had a positional number system.
  16. What is tallying, and why is it important in the development of early number systems?
    Tallying is the method of makng notches to record how much of an item is present. They were used to record ownership of currency and items of trade before a simpler way of recording numbers was in use. Tallies were used until the early 1800 in Britain to track money kept by clients in the bank.
  17. What is a positional number system?
    A positional system is one in which the order of the digits affects the total number being recorded.
  18. The four elements that were held in high regard by the Pythagoreans were...
    Earth, air, fire, and water
  19. The five-pointed star which stood as a sign on the brotherhood of the Pythagoreans was known as...
    The Pentagram
  20. The system of writing developed by the Babylonians is what is known today as...
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