20.1 swine industry glossary

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  1. artificial insemination
    breeding method in which processed fresh or frozen semen is deposited into female reproductive tract
  2. barrow
    castrated male hog
  3. boar
    male hog
  4. blow away unit
    mechanical device that promotes safety for nursing pigs; when sow stands up, she interrupts infrared beam, which forces cold air to blow beneath her and cold air is uncomfortable to nursing young; when sow lies down, there is no interruption to light beam, enabling pigs to nurse safely
  5. carcass
    dressed body, without organs, of meat animal
  6. casting
    method of restraining livestock that uses ropes to place animal on its side
  7. closed herd
    herd that prevents new animals from entering
  8. colostrum
    thick first milk produced by pregnant dam; rich in antibodies, thus conferring passive imunity to neonates
  9. creep
    area that limits access to certain animals
  10. creep feed
    system of feeding that enables smaller-sized animals to consume extra foodstuff that larger animals cannot access
  11. crossbreeding
    breeding system that mates animals of same species but different breeds
  12. dunging pattern
    tendency for animals to deposit wastes in particular location
  13. ear notching
    • making slits in pigs' ears for identification purposes
  14. evaporative cooling
    system of cooling that draws fanned air in through cold water-moistened pads
  15. extensive management
    management system that houses animals outdoors in freerange style
  16. farrowing
    birthing process of pigs
  17. farrowing crate
    small crate that limits mobility of sow during delivery of her young
  18. farrowing pen
    small pen used for sow parturition and designed with guardrails to protect newborns
  19. farrow-to-finish
    a full-service swine operation that houses breeders, newborns, weanlings, and feeder stock
  20. farrow-to-wean
    swine production unit that houses breeding sows and offspring until weaning age or weight
  21. gilt
    immature female hog
  22. hand mating
    breeding method in which sow is brought to boar for controlled service
  23. hog-tight
    sturdy fencing that prevents animals from escaping
  24. intensive management
    managment system that houses large numbers of animals under confinement conditions
  25. lard
    soft, white fat that results from rendering fatty tissue of pigs
  26. needle teeth
    eight temporary incisor and canine teeth of piglets (also called wolf teeth)
  27. pen mating
    breeding system in which male is housed with females and breeds them as they come into heat
  28. open herd
    herd that permits animals from other herds to join existing herd
  29. ringing
    procedure that implants wire ring through pig's nose to discourage rooting behavior
  30. shade
    natural or artificially constructed shelter from sun and heat
  31. sling
    a swine restraint device resembling a hammock, with four leg holes and a fifth hole under the neck for blood collection from the vena cava
  32. sow
    female hog
  33. specific pathogen free (SPF)
    management system that is costly but used to eradicate certain diseases; animals originate from cesarean section or hysterectomy and are raised in isolation; great attention to sanitation and contamination prevention are primary concerns
  34. spray cooling
    cooling system in which swine are manually or automatically misted
  35. tusk
    overgrown canine tooth of boars
  36. wallow
    natural or artificially constructed wading pool to cool swine
  37. zone cooling
    cooling system that uses high-velocity air directed towards hog's head to create heat loss and cool animal.
  38. Sus domesticus
    genus and species name of pig
  39. closed gilt
    pregnant young female
  40. shoat
    newly weaned piglet
  41. Porcine estrous cycle
    21 days
  42. porcine gestation
    3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days (112-115 days)
  43. Breeds
    • Landrace: white, mothers
    • Berkshire: black, white points, meat
    • Duroc: red, mothers, grow fast
    • Hampshire: black, white belt, lean meat
    • Spotted: efficient gains (most weight for least food)
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