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  1. the 300yr period of leraning and the arts that allowed many ideas to spread and brought great advancements to civilization is known as?
    the renaissance
  2. which statement is true about the regions of europe?
    most of northern europe is primarily Protestan; most of the southern europe is roman cathlic
  3. the EU is an example of?
    global interdependence
  4. the chunnel(eurotunnel) connects?
    france and the UK
  5. europe nations est. colonies around the world for all of the reasons except?
    feudalism developed leading to a need for serfs
  6. all of the following are problems that effects the construction of the chunnel except?
    tectonic plate movement
  7. what geographic factors enabled europe to industralize?
    abundance of natural resources such as coal and iron ore
  8. whaich 2 countries have the highest GDPs?
    germany and france
  9. which of the statements are true about the data above?
    the lowest GDPs in europe are found in the balkan regions
  10. the UK includes which of the following?
    wales, north ireland, scottland, and england
  11. which of the were reason for europe imperialism?
    • the 3 G's:
    • god
    • glory
    • gold
  12. which were the first 2 european nations to bulid colonies?
    portugal and spain
  13. what is the purpose of EU?
    to streghthen europe's economy and unite its ppl
  14. where are the largest oil reserves at in europe?
    the north sea
  15. where did the idea of democracy start at?
  16. the strong central gov. weakended and civil war begins in the former yugoslovia as a result of?
    the death of Tito and the end of communism in the Solviet Union
  17. which is the best explaination for the break up of the former yugoslovia?
    ethnic tension
  18. when did the solviet union came to dominate eastern europe?
    after WW2
  19. the 1st serious conflict of the cold war b/t the US and the USSR was?
    berlin blockade
  20. the berlin wall was bulit b/c?
    too many ppl were leaving east berlin and goin to west berlin
  21. which of the following list the events in the correct chronological order?
    WW2, divdion of germany and berlin, berlin blockade, berlin wall bulit, and the berlin wall falls
  22. which of th efollowing arent similar b/t IRA and basques?
    they are stateless nations
  23. all of the following are true of the venice except?
    roads are used for the movement of goods, ppl, and ideas
  24. which of these statements is true based on the data above?
    denmark and netherlands have less than 5% of foreigners in labor forces. there are more foreigners in luxemburg's labor force than natives- born citizen
  25. europe nationa experience which of the problems b/c of thier decreasing pop?
    decrease in tax revenues, labor shortage, and decrease in military power
  26. name the serbian leader who proposed the creation of a greater serbia to include territories in the other republics with serbian pop?
    Slobodan Milosevic
  27. which of the following isnt an example of now the EU divides europe countries?
    travel restrition of EU member countries have led to an increase in border patrol
  28. which of the following are true about the conflict in kosovo?
    serbia-"ethnically cleanse" ethnic albanians makes 90% of kosovo
  29. what is the origin of serbian hatred of croats?
    the croats worked with the nazi's in killing serbs
  30. which of the countries didnt adopt the euro as its currency?
  31. region of europe has the fewest natural resources, especially energy sources, which has made it dependent an other part of the world?
  32. religous mivement which paved the way for protestant religion such as baptist, episcopalioan, and methodists know as?
    the reformation
  33. which regions include countries with many welfare service, such as an allowance to raise children, but has high taxes?
  34. what 2 geograohic advantage helped the mediterranean become the region where europe civilization was born?
    its warm temp. and access to mediterranean sea for trades
  35. all of the following were effects of the black death but?
    reduction in power of the cahlic churches
  36. all are examples of how the renaissance changed europe but?
    feudalism became a force in europe countries
  37. which is not example of how the EU unites europe countries?
    all members of the EU use the euro as their currency
  38. many countries in europe arent meeting the repplacement rate, causing their pop to decrease. what stage is this?
    stage 5
  39. which isnt a possible solution for the decrease work force in europe countries?
    encourage businesses to stay open later to generate more tax revenue
  40. which isnt a possible solution to the current economycrisis in greece?
    nationalization of businesses
  41. what is slovenians religion?
    roman cathlic
  42. what is bosnians religion?
  43. what is serbians religion?
    eastern orthodox
  44. what is croats religion?
    roman cathlic
  45. what is ethnic albanaians in kosovo religion?
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