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  1. Left= Yin, Blood, Essence- HT, LR, KD
    Right=Yang, LU, SP, KD
    Morning best time to feel pulse.
  2. Three Levels of Pulse Feeling:
    • Touching indicates to feel pulse lightly or superficially.
    • Searching indicates to feel pulse w/ moderate pressing.
    • Pressing indicates to feel pulse w/ heavy pressing.
  3. Duration of Pulse Feeling:
    • Count 50 beats, at least.
    • It should not be shorter than 1 min.
    • In order to find out whether there is Knotted Pulse, Intermittant Pulse, or Running Pulse, etc., 2-3 min may be required.
  4. Procedure of Pulse Feeling:
    • Find out the locales of Inch, Bar, & Cubit, and the Level of their Touching, Searching, & Pressing.
    • Measure the Pulse Frequency and assess its Rythmycity.
    • Feel whether it is Long or Short, Large or Small, Energetic or Feeble, Stringy or Slippery, etc.
  5. Left
    Cun, Guan, Chi= HT, LR, KD
    • Right
    • Inch, Bar, Cubit= LU, SP, KD
  6. Distinguish Pulse Condition in Eight Qualities:
    • Location.
    • Frequency.
    • Length.
    • Strength.
    • Width.
    • Smoothness.
    • Tension.
    • Rythym.
  7. Characteristics of Normal Pulse-Ping Mai
    Normal Pulse Condition:
    Wei Qi
    • Adults: 4:1bpm/respiration
    • Inspiration=2
    • Expiration=2
    • Between=1
  8. A Normal Pulse is...
    • Even, Rythmic, Energetic.
    • It is full of Vitality (Shen), Stomach Qi, & Rooted.
  9. Rooted Pulse:
    • The Existence of KD Energy or Vital Gate Fire.
    • Pulse without Vitality, ST Energy, or Rooted is a poor prognostic indicator.
  10. Variations of the Radial Artery Location:
    • Radial Artery may be ectopic- somewhere else for this patient.
    • Some patients have the radial artery on the dorsum.
  11. Factors influencing the Pulse Condition:
    • Gender.
    • Age.
    • Emotional.
    • Diet.
    • Physical activity.
    • Constitution.
    • Seasonal/Climatic-Spring-Wiry, Summer-Floody, Fall-Floating, Winter-Deep.
  12. Six Yin Pulses:
    Cun, Guan, Chi of both sides is congenitally deep and thready, without disorders- a normal pulse.
  13. Six Yang Pulses:
    Cun, Guan, Chi of both sides is congenitally full and large without disorders- normal pulse.
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