Personal Selling 15-17

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  1. Customer complaints are information that should be viewed as:
    a source of important information and an opportunity to prove the firm's commitment to service
  2. When dealing with customer complaints, the salesperson should:
    decide what action must be taken to remedy the problem
  3. The purpose of the follow-up communication between customer and salesperson is to express thanks for the order and to:
    determine if the customer is satisfied with the purchase
  4. The major advantage of a telephone call over written correspondence is that:
    two-way communication is involved
  5. Which of the following is a current development in customer service?
    Customer knowledge is viewed by sales and sales support personnel as an important key to improving customer service.
  6. Sometimes customer expectations aren't met. When this happens it is referred to as a:
    moment of misery
  7. According to Ted Levitt, author of The Marketing Imagination, people:
    buy the expectations of the benefits you promised
  8. Expansion selling encompasses which of the following?
    suggestion selling
  9. Which of the following is a major guideline that should be considered when using suggestion selling?
    Don't make suggestions until you have first satisfied the customer's primary need.
  10. Once the customer buys your product, expectations:
  11. Of the customers that leave companies each year, which percentage leave because of bad customer service?
  12. Diligence, an essential service behavior, combines responsiveness and:
  13. Salespeople should do which of the following when product is delivered to customers?
    Offer training in the use or care of the product.
  14. Value reinforcement means:
    getting credit for the value you create for the customer
  15. A best practice by which salespeople can use technology to strengthen relationships with customers is by:
    sending email confirmations of appointments or agreements
  16. One important reason for salespeople to make follow-up telephone calls to customers is:
    the customer may place repeat orders during a phone call
  17. The effort to sell better-quality products is called:
  18. Salespeople can add value to the sales process by:
    making the purchase convenient
  19. An unhappy customer is most likely to complain to:
    potential customers
  20. Complaints from a customer should be viewed as:
    an opportunity to strengthen the relationship
  21. The two major methods for salespeople to increase their sales volume are by improving selling effectiveness (becoming a more effective salesperson) and:
    spending more time in actual selling situations
  22. Which of the following is a guiding principle used in establishing a sales routing and scheduling plan?
    If your territory is quite large, consider organizing it into two smaller zones.
  23. When drawing up a daily "to do" list, a salesperson should:
    list activities in priority order of importance
  24. Sales territories should, in most cases, be established on the basis of:
    sales potential
  25. The primary objective of a sales routing and scheduling plan is to:
    increase actual selling time by reducing travel time
  26. One of the most effective methods of dealing with stress is to:
    maintain an optimistic outlook
  27. The sales manager takes information from the routing and scheduling plan to develop:
    a sales call plan
  28. Time management systems will not work for salespeople unless the salespeople have:
    the commitment to use them consistently
  29. One of the best ways to gain more time is to:
    maintain a log of how time is spent during a typical week in order to identify wasted time
  30. The major purpose of a call report is to:
    provide a summary of what happened during the call and an indication of what future action is required
  31. Salespeople are similar to entrepreneurs in that both of them must practice:
  32. On average, salespeople spend most of their work time on:
    administrative tasks and travel
  33. According to self-management experts, every moment spent planning saves how many minutes in execution?
    three to four
  34. One of the simplest ways a salesperson can practice time management skills is to create a(n):
    daily to-do list
  35. Companies use CRM systems to combine:
    islands of information about customers
  36. Many salespeople schedule routing by using the 80/20 rule, meaning:
    80 percent of their time on larger accounts and 20 percent on less profitable accounts
  37. Which of the following is a type of record salespeople need to keep?
    call reports
  38. Maintaining accurate sales records can help a salesperson by putting current sales into:
  39. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night can help salespeople:
    manage stress
  40. Which of the following is a good way to manage stress?
    Practice healthy emotional expression.
  41. Scheduling a special luncheon to celebrate the closing of a large sale is a technique most likely characteristic of a supervisor who displays:
    high consideration
  42. The supervisor who holds monthly sales force meetings to explain specific goals for the future and changes in policy and procedure is exhibiting:
  43. The first step toward identifying the type of applicant to be recruited for a sales job is to:
    determine the actual duties the person will perform
  44. Some organizations are using ability or aptitude assessment instruments to determine future performance in certain types of sales jobs. Experts in the field of employment testing say:
    test scores can be helpful when used in conjunction with other criteria
  45. Newly hired salespeople are more likely to become productive staff members if they participate in a job orientation and a(n):
    training program
  46. Which one of the following is a good motivation guideline to be adopted by sales managers?
    Attempt to use a mix of external rewards and internal satisfaction.
  47. Situational leadership occurs when:
    the leader's style matches the situation
  48. Which compensation plan would appeal to a salesperson who likes the idea of "pay for performance," but also likes some job security?
    commission plan with a draw provision
  49. Leadership is:
    a series of skills that can be acquired through study and practice
  50. The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the personal selling function is called:
    sales management
  51. The Leadership Grid portrays dimensions of:
    consideration and structure
  52. Coaching focuses on helping the salesperson recognize the need to improve his or her performance and:
    developing the salesperson's commitment to improve performance
  53. Ken Blanchard says that the key to developing people is to:
    concentrate on catching them doing something right
  54. All of the following are good sources of quality candidates for sales jobs EXCEPT:
    mediation agencies
  55. The costs of training an employee can be recouped by a company in increased sales per employee in which of the following amounts?
  56. Managers using rewards to motivate employees should bear in mind that:
    not all employees value the same rewards
  57. It is extremely important that managers who use rewards as external motivators for salespeople who reach certain goals:
    set goals that are realistic
  58. A sales manager can review relationships with accounts at any time using CRM software by:
    reading a salesperson's notes on the account in the system
  59. Compensation plans can be designed to:
    increase sales by percentage
  60. The number of calls made on an account should:
    bear some relationship to the sales and profit potential of that account
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