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  1. How much time should pass before starting compressions when a cardiac arrest is detacted?
    10 sec
  2. What is the compression rate for adults/children and for infants? what is the depth?
    • 100/min adults and children about 2 in 5cm
    • infants 1 1/2 in 4 cm
  3. What is the Max. amount of time that should pass before starting compressions after a pulse is undetected?
    10 5-10 no more than 10
  4. If a pulse is not detected how many cycles should be preformed?
    5 30:2
  5. Agonal gasps begin when?
    will start within the first min of a cardic arrest
  6. If agonal gasps or dyspnea are present what should you do?
    activate ems Check pulse and start cpr
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