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  1. Pulse Comparison:
    Floating Pulse-
    • Floating (Fu): Superficial, Exterior, Def
    • Flooding (Hong): Full & Large, Feeble going, Exuberant Heat.
    • Soggy (Ru): Floating, Thin, Soft-Def, Dampness.
    • Hollow (Kou): Floating, Large, Hollow-Sudden, Profuse loss of Blood.
    • Leather (Ge): Floating, Stringy, Exteriorly loss of Blood such as Taunt; interiorly Hollow in Premature Labor, Metrorrhagia.
    • Scattered (San): Floating, Diffusing- Exhaustion of Yuan Qi.
  2. Pulse Comparison:
    Deep Pulse:
    • Deep (Chen): Distinct only on Heavy pressing; Interior, Def & Excess.
    • Hidden (Fu): Deeper than Deep, pressing hard to bone- Syncope, Severe Pain, Blockage of Pathogens.
    • Firm (Lao): Can only be felt at the Deep Level; Large, Wiry, & Long- Excess Cold, Qi Stag & Bld Stasis.
    • Weak (Ruo): Forceless & Thin @ the 3 Positions, & any region; disappears when press hard- Qi, Blood, Yin & Yang Def.
  3. Pulse Comparison:
    Slow Pulse:
    • Slow (Chi): Under 60bpm- Forceful Excess Cold Pattern; if Forceless, Def Cold Pattern.
    • Moderate (Huan): 60-70bpm- Normal or Damp.
    • Choppy (Se): Rough, like scraping bamboo w/ dull knife. Could be Irreg Rhythm- Bld Stasis, Bld Def, Fluid Def.
    • Knotted (Jie): Slow & Skip beat @ Regular intervals- Stag of Qi, Blood, Phlegm, Cold & Food if forceful; HT Qi or HT Blood Def.
  4. Pulse Comparison:
    Rapid Pulse:
    • Rapid (Shu): 5-6 beats/respiratory cycle; over 90bpm- Excess Heat Pattern if Forceful; Def Heat Pattern if Forceless.
    • Hurried (Ji): More than 7 beats; 120bpm- Collapse of Yin if Forceful; Collapse of Yang if Forceless.
    • Hasty (Cu): Hurried w/ Irregular intervals- Collapse of Vital Qi or Exhaustion of Yin Fluids if Forceless; Excess Heat or Stagnation of Qi, Blood, Phlegm & Food if Forceful.
    • Moving (Dong): Rounded, Rapid, Short like a bouncing bean; without definite shape, having no head or tail, just rise at center- Extreme Pain, Qi Stag, Blood Stasis.
  5. Pulse Comparison:
    Feeble Pulse:
    • Feeble (Xu): Extremely Soft, Thin, & Weak in 3 Postions, and any region- Qi, Blood Def; Yang Def.
    • Thready (Xi): Thin & Clear like thread- Qi, Blood Def, Dampness.
    • Indistinct (Wei): Extremely Soft & Thin; unlcear under fingers- Yang Exhaustion, Qi Exhaustion.
    • Short (Duan): Short length than normal; only present on Cun or Guan; cannot be felt at Chi position- Qi Stag if Forceful; Qi Def if Forceless.
    • Intermittant (Dai): Slow w/ Regular intervals, but having some stops- Collapse of HT Qi or Blood if Forceless; Painful Obstruction & Traumatic injury, Emotional Stress if Forceful.
  6. Pulse Comparison:
    Full Pulse:
    • Full (Shi): Forceful feeling @ 3 parts & 9 regions- Excess Pattern.
    • Wiry (Xian): Feels taut & straight like pressing on guitar string- LR & GB Dx; Pain, Phlegm, Phlegm fluids, Malaria.
    • Tight (Jin): Feels Twisted, like a thick rope; tighter and forceful than Wiry Pulse- Excess Cold, Pain, Food Retention.
    • Long (Chan): Longer than normal- Normal, Yang, Excess, Heat.
    • Slippery (Hua): Smooth, Rounded, Slick to the fingers, like pearl rolling on plate- Healthy, Pregnancy or Excess heat, Phlegm, Food Stagnation.
  7. Complex Pulse Condition:
    • Floating Tense: Exterior Cold, Wind Impediment.
    • Floating Moderate: Exterior Def.
    • Floating Rapid: Exterior Heat.
    • Floating Slippery: Wind Phlegm, Phlegm pattern combined w/ invasion of external pathogens.
    • Deep Slow: Def Cold, Excess Cold.
    • Deep Wiry: LR Qi Stag, Body Fluids retention.
    • Deep Choppy: Blood Stasis, Excess Cold.
  8. Complex Pulse Condition:
    • Deep Moderate: SP Def, Dampness Accumulation.
    • Deep Thin: Yin Def, Blood Def.Slippery Rapid: Phlegm Heat, Phlegm Fire, Excess Heat, Food Retention.
    • Flooding Rapid: Excess Heat, Qi Level, Yang Ming Bowel.
    • Wiry Thin: LR Yin-KD Yin Def, Blood Def, combined w/ LR Qi Stag, SP Def.
    • Wiry Rapid: LR Fire, LR Qi Stag, LR & GB Damp-Heat.
    • Wiry Slippery: LR Fire combined w/ Phlegm, LR Wind combined w/ Phlegm Fire.
  9. Pulse in Females:
    • Menstruation Pulse.
    • Pregnancy Pulse.
  10. Pulse in Infants:
    • Floating Rapid: Yang
    • Deep Slow: Yin
    • Floating Slippery: Wind
    • Deep Slippery: Food Stag, Phlegm
    • Raid: Heat
    • Slow: Cold
    • Moderate: Dampness
    • Tight: Impediment, Cold
  11. Seven True Visceral Pulses Conditions:
    • Bird Pecking
    • Roof-leaking
    • Fish-swimming
    • Shrimp-darting
    • Flicking-stone
    • Bubble-rising
    • Rope-untying
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