CNS Pathways

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  1. Dopaminergic Pathway (3)
    • - Nigrostitial neurons project to the striatum and are involved in contol of movement and posture. Disorder - Parkinson's
    • - Excessive stimulation can lead to psychotic behavior
    • - Ventral tegmental neurons projecting to the nucleus accumbens thought to have role in addiction.
  2. Serotonergic Pathway
    Neurons originate in the raphe nuclei in the brain stem and project through many areas of the brain and spinal cord.
  3. Noradrenergic
    • - Neurons with cell body in locus coeruleus project to the cerebral cortex, diancephelon and cerebellum
    • - Arousal, attention, learning, memory, mood, sleep-wake cycles, fear, anxiety
    • - Disorders - ADHD, anxiety, depression, narcolepsy
  4. Cholinergic Pathway
    • Neurons originating in the nucleus basalis project to cerebral cortex. Involved in memory and learning.
    • Disorder: Alzheimer's
  5. Histaminergic pathway
    • All histaminergic neurons have cell bodies in the ventral posterior hypothalmus region known as tuberomamillary nucleus.
    • Arousal, cerebral metabolism, appetite, motion sickness, pain
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