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  1. Where did Buddhism have its origin?
  2. When did Buddha live?
    500 AD
  3. Where did Budha grow up?
    the foothills of Nepal
  4. What job did Buddha's father have?
    • he was a petty king
    • rajah
  5. How was it believed that Buddha's mother conceived him?
    she was touched on the stomach by the trunk of a white elephant
  6. What blossomed at every step of Buddha?
    a lotus flower
  7. How long was Buddha on house arrest?
    30 years old
  8. Who did Buddha first go to when he got out of the palace for the first time?
    he followed after gurus
  9. Where was Buddha when he found enlightenment?
    under a boody tree
  10. If Buddha wasn't trying to make a religion what was he doing?
    creating a philosophy for life
  11. What are the 4 noble truths?
    • there is pain and suffering in the world
    • lust is the cause of the pain
    • we must end the suffering
    • how we end the suffering
  12. How do we end the suffering in life according to Buddha?
    the 8-fold path
  13. When did a man come along and make Buddhism a religion?
    300 BC
  14. When did people start to convert to Buddhism?
    when Emperor Ashoka converted
  15. How did Emperor Ashoka convert to Buddhism?
    • he was a mass murderer as a general
    • Buddhist priests in his campaign showed him this way of life
  16. What religion became a tremendous threat to Hinduism?
  17. What did Hinduism claim Buddha was?
    an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu
  18. Who drove Buddhism out of India?
    the Hinduists
  19. What two different directions did Buddhism go when it was driven out of India?
    • Hinayana
    • Mahayana
  20. What does Hinayana mean?
    conservative end of Buddhism
  21. What does Mahayana mean?
    a liberal view of Buddhism
  22. What is a liberal form of Buddhism that was in Tibet?
    • Lamaism
    • the Dohli Lama
  23. What liberal form of Buddhism was brought over to America?
  24. During what age was India the dominant empire of the world?
    the Guptas Age (320-640 AD)
  25. During the Guptas Age how many Shakespeares did they have in India?
  26. What are examples of how advanced India was medically in the Guptas Age?
    • C-sections
    • brain surgery
  27. When do Moslems enter into India?
    711 AD
  28. Who was an example of a brutal Islamic conqueror?
    Ganges Con
  29. by the 1300's how much of the Indian population was Muslim?
    • 1/4th
    • 150 million
  30. Who was a wonderful ruler of India in the 1500 and 1600's?
  31. Who was the ruler of India during the age of exploration?
  32. When does the western world enter into India?
  33. When does the collapse of the British empire occur?
    20th century
  34. When does the British tell India they will give them their independence?
  35. What did India have to do before Britian would give them their independence?
    • develop political parties
    • get a constitutional convention together
    • make a constitution
    • have an election
  36. When did all hell break loose in India?
    during their first constitutional convention
  37. What were the two political parties in India?
    • Hindu
    • Islam
  38. How did India almost have a civil war?
    • the Hindu political party was the 3/4th majority
    • the Muslims wouldn't be ruled by them
  39. What occurence stopped the civil war brewing in India?
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