Hamlet Act III

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  1. partisian
    spear-like weapn
  2. harbinger
    one of that goes ahead to announce another's coming // forerunner
  3. shrill
    having a high pitch
  4. malicious
    showing active ill will
  5. mirth
    merry fun
  6. auspicious
    with sighs of success
  7. obsequious
    marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness (obedient and dutiful)
  8. obstinate
    cannot have your mind changed
  9. dexterity
    mental skill or quickness
  10. chaste
    innocent of unlawful sexual intercourse
  11. chariest
    discreetly cautious
  12. beguile
    to lead by deception
  13. tranduced
    to expose to shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation
  14. plausive
    showing or expressing praise
  15. interred
    to place in a grave or tomb
  16. sovereignty
    supreme power
  17. enmity
    the state of being hostil or dealing with
  18. pernicious
    to cause harm or ruin
  19. sanctified
    made holy
  20. dirge
    a song or hymn of great greif or lamentation
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