P-3 Center Panel Lights

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  1. GEN MECH light
    Cause- primary generator drive end bearing failure. (light illuminates when the AUX bearing is under a load.)

    Action- Mission should be aborted. If GEN switch needs to be left off due to a GEN malfunction, execute emergency shutdown.
  2. CHIPS light
    Cause- Metal particles on the the magnetic plug in the reduction gear box.

    • Action-
    • 1. Check for secondaries
    • 2. If none, continue. (takeoffs and practice landings SHALL not be performed.)
    • 3. If some, shutdown
  3. OIL HOT light
    Cause- oil temp exceeds 100

    • Action-
    • 1. Pwr levers in BETA range, use inducers.
    • 2. Pwr levers in ALFA range, use oil cooler flaps. (5 min at 100 is ok, then back to 90.)
    • 3. If unable to control secure engine.
  4. OIL PRESS light
    Cause- P/S below 40 PSI, or RGB below 130 PSI. In low RPM light is normal

    Action- check oil press gauges, if not in limits, shutdown engine.
  5. BETA light
    Cause- Blade angle less than 10 degrees.
  6. PROP PUMP light
    Cause- pump failure, obstruction, or low oil level.

    • Action-
    • 1. RPM above 115%- Reduce airspeed to 150KIAS minimum, and perform operation pitchlock prop
    • 2. RPM below 115%- Advance PWR levers and increase TAS.

    after steps 1 and 2, there are three outcomes. The prop is pitchlock without overspeed (perform operation pitchlock without overpeed), RPM remains onspeed (continue operation through landing evolution), or the prop remains offspeed (break out the book!!)
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